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8 places that should definitely be on any party maniac’s list


Our generation just loves to party. We never get tired of partying, from morning till night. What we also love is to travel, to explore places. What if we could have a combination pf partying with exploring and travelling? We would definitely be extremely thrilled and euphoric. So well, pack your bags and take your group of friends to these party places to have the time of your life!

  1. Tel Aviv, Israel – Well given the present conditions in Israel you will definitely think that it is probably not a safe place. Well, since when were safe parties any fun? Jokes aside. It might be not a safe place right now but, the night life is mind-blowing. The night life starts at around 11 pm and continues till the early morning hours. But you should definitely let the conditions calm down a bit, and then visit it. tel aviv
  2. Lima, Peru – It is for the day people as well as the night! You can chill at the beautiful beaches during the day and enjoy the lively night scene during the dark hours. Dazzling places are situated overlooking the Pacific Ocean. A party with a view, what else do we really want? 
  3. Krakow, Poland – You might think that these places are not frequently visited, what will they offer? Well, that’s where you are wrong. In my experience, the off-beat places are the ones where we really enjoy themselves. And as for Krakow, it has earned itself a spot in this list as the bars and clubs are open till the early morning hours! 
  4. Osaka, Japan – Yes, you read right, Japan. The people there are not only extra-ordinarily intelligent but, they are also very friendly. Add to this good food and drinks, and we can brew up a party anywhere! We all should definitely be up for a Japanese style party! 
  5. Goa, India – We obviously can’t miss this place. Hell, it will be the first stop on our party roller-coaster. Goa has something for everybody, from secluded places for a romantic getaway to the clubs for those dance moves you probably can’t show everybody. Plus, fests are organised year round, it really is the best place. 
  6. Las Vegas – This list would definitely be incomplete without mentioning this place. The glamour and dazzling buildings and casinos of this city will attract anybody. And you don’t even need to worry because, ‘What happens in Vega, stays in Vegas’. Be sure to keep a camera on you, in case you have no recollection of the previous night :p. 
  7. New Orleans – No, I am not mentioning it just because of Mardi Gras. Even without it the city is lively, the bourbon comes non-stop and if there is music, there will be people dancing. 
  8. Phuket – If you are in for watching the sky decorated with paper lanterns, then this place is for you. Not only this, Phuket is also host to the legendary full moon parties. This one is definitely on my list. 

So, grab your bags and your friends and go to these places. Not just for partying, but for travelling too.



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