8 people who can teach you the value of time


Time heals, time flies, time goes by and time dies all the talking. Time scares people with the lightning speed with which it passes by. Time runs a race that is beyond infinity. I can still recall my New Year’s Eve as if it was yesterday. Alas! Half of 2015 is gone . Where does this Mr. Time actually go? Many exclaim with utter surprise everyday. Time does not wait , neither for the living nor for the dead. Time is a medicine that can heal pain unbearable while time also witnesses human decay. Every moment in our life can be a defining one; a single moment is enough to distinguish between life and death.

According to Martin Heidegger, we do not exist inside time, we are time. We are its creators and also its destroyers. Time is that priceless commodity that should be utilized in such a way that maximizes our utility. But is it always possible? We teens actually are in such a stage of our life that every step we take adds to our timeline. Thus it is should be our endeavor to utilize time in the best possible manner. I have come up with something that might help you realize the importance of time. It was something I studied, learnt, acknowledged and believed in when I was just in class 3. Near about 10 years. Long Time!!!!!

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Here is a list of 8 people who can best describe you how valuable time is in our lives. I would be really appreciate if you would step into their shoes, try to grasp their state of mind and reckon time as a treasured gem of life.


1.To know the value of one year

  Ask a student who has failed his examination. 


Failing an exam is really a big deal. One whole year matters. The feeling of being in the same class with your juniors, the same old chapters, the same notes can be haunting. Seldom do we realise the difference between 39% and 40% but maybe for that student it might have meant the gap between the day and night.



2.To know the value of one month

  Ask a mother who has given birth to a premature baby.

Giving birth to a premature baby requires a great deal of risk and courage. Not all premature babies live. Being born too early can cause lots of problem for the baby and the mother as well.


3.To know the value of one week

  Ask an editor of the weekly.

The editor is one such man who takes in all the obligations for the weekly magazine. It is he who understands the importance of one whole week, busy editing and making stark efforts, trying hard to publish something really impressive.

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4.To know the value of one day

  Ask a daily wage labourer

If that labourer does not go to work for one single day, he might see his children starving. Lack of basic amenities of life will be the result of overlooking one day’s work. That salary of one single day is perhaps life for that labourer.



5.To know the value of one hour

  Ask a lover who is waiting to meet

An excited lover eagerly waiting for this love will see this one hour as one hundred hours. To him , the one hour wait can be really frustrating and only he can tell people the misery of waiting for his beloved for an hour.. Lol!!!


6.To know the value of one minute

  Ask a person who has missed his train

One minute earlier and that person would have boarded the train. One minute late and he ends up repenting. Had he reached a minute earlier, he would have reached his destination, maybe a life changing destination. But now his dreams are shattered. All thanks to that Mr. Time who couldnt wait a minute.


7.To know the value of one second

  Ask a person who has survived an accident


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Accidents are so untimed and sudden that we do not even realise the reason behind it happening. One second can be a life saver . Perhaps the one who has gone through this phase can recount how important that second of his life was. But for us, reading this article, one second does not even count.



8.To know the value of one millisecond

  Ask an athlete who has won the silver medal in the Olympics


Athletes dedicate their whole working out on improving that difference of one millisecond. We have come across so many examples in our life such as Milkha Singh, Usain Bolt etc. Only those who have lost the gold medal due to a small fraction of second can tell you how bad their luck was that day or perhaps how bad that millisecond have left scars for them.



These 8 people are true witnessess who have faced the atrocities of time. I am sure time has become more worthy for them than those who haven’t yet faced the pangs of  time. Since prevention is a better option than cure,  it is advised that we , the youth of our country make the best use of time. For time does not contain us , We are time!!!.

(Based on a poem by John Maxwell)