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8 must watch tv series before you die


Tired of watching the same “Saas-Bahu” gossips and conspiracies ?? The Great Indian Television Soaps that your mother and grandmother have like watched for ages, even the repeat episodes.. Tired of all this monotonous and never ending serials ?

Here we present you some of the most classic,adventurous, entertaining and hell interesting TV series which we are sure is a must watch for every youngster today, where going online and watching your favourite series is no tough job.

#1 Game Of Thrones

You must have heard people discussing  about GOT all over from twitter to trains. This gloomy yet incredibly interesting show will capture your attention and let you experience the imaginary world in which happily ever afters don’t come so easy! With its knights and dragons, kings, castles and fair maids, The Game of Thrones series start like a standard medieval fantasy yet it takes a different turn, showing you that nobody can consider himself safe while the game of thrones is at play!1

#2 Breaking Bad

Its 62 episodes of full entertainment have been critically acclaimed as one of the best TV shows of all times and the fans couldn’t have agreed more. Everything about Breaking Bad is perfect; the actors, the story line, cinematography etc. It’s a treat for all the people. A little tale of a high-school chemistry teacher toiling away in a life of quiet desperation, only to be told he’s dying of cancer. The theme from the start of the show has been the inherent choices between good and bad, this theme has been depicted very well throughout the show.

# 3 Lost

If you love adventure,mystery ,drama ,fiction this show is perfect for you.From its beginning to the end, each episode will keep you on your toes, wondering what’s going to happen next. Its one of those lifetime shows that keeps you so emotionally attached.By the closing moments of the episodesyou will be left asking yourself: is this a survival story? Is this a paranormal mystery? Who knows? But be ready to take the ride.

# 4 Sherlock

It’s the greatest detective story of all time, there’s no question that this is a drama of the highest order. It’s just a really fantastic modern interpretation of the Conan Doyle’s characters. Sherlock depicts “consulting detective” (Benedict Cumberbatch) solving various mysteries in modern-day London. For Sherlock, the world is just endless data, and he’s the perfect search engine to sort through.

# 5 Friends

From the word Friend itself we get a smile on our face.This show will definitely tickle your funny bone. Friends is a must-watch series alone or with your friends, especially if you have nothing do during the summer. Despite all of your petty quarrels, senseless talks and weird moments, this series  will make you love your friends more and make you realize that they’re really your other family besides the biological one.

# 6 Suits

Suits is smart, stylish, sexy, and sophisticated—and it’s a show everyone should be watching. Suits is one of those rare shows that has had a very defined style from the first episode—and that style can be summed up in one word: cool. It centers around lawyer Harvey Specter and his associate Mike Ross and the law firm where they work.

#7 Supernatural

If you’re looking for a show that will make you laugh, cry, smile, and has some awesome story lines with supernatural beings than of course this is for you. Supernatural has several major themes—brotherly love, scary monsters, Heaven and Hell, and witty metafiction, all with a classic rock soundtrack. The series follows the two brothers as they hunt demons, ghosts, monsters, and other supernatural beings in the world.For horror and fantasy lovers this show is a cherry on the cake.

#8 Dexter

If you are not a fan of murders and crime shows then this one isn’t for you.The show is full of twist and turns and will let you always at the edge of your seat. The show isn’t like a horror movie where you are constantly jumping in fear but it’s saturated with an underlying tint of suspense.But with the great cases, this show is perfect for anyone who loves to vicariously hunt for serial killers through the lives of the Miami Police and gets you in their mind through Dexter, the psychopath.







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