8 Millennium Development Goals of UN you need to know



The principles and objectives of development policy are exhaustive and complicated. The process of identification of problems, researching on solutions, raising fund for the same and implementation of benevolent ideas cannot be executed alone. Support and assistance of global leaders and citizens can be instrumental in augmentation of a standard of living, amelioration of income methods and extermination of poverty. These long term goals are undoubtedly difficult yet attainable.


1. Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger

Nelson Mandela claimed “Poverty is not by accident; life slavery and apartheid are man-made; and these can be removed by the actions of man”. Indeed, the geographical and demographic figures indicate that staggering and confounding condition of under-nutrition, high-mortality rate, depressing standard of living, raging diseases painful employment condition and failing hygiene. One of the most indispensable Millennium Development Goal is to eradicate poverty from the face of earth.

The Asian countries, Sub-Saharan region and lonely islands have to be targeted first for the propagation of all welfare methods required to lift their citizens from malnourishment; providing them education, opportunities, access to sanitation facilities; and help them emerge out of the despondency of lack of resources. Providing populist subsidies and rudimentary benefits will not be enough.

Enhancement of per capita income, direct transfer of benefit, improved infrastructure and macroeconomic stability is the propaganda of leaders around the world, that will help them to provide sustainable gross national happiness to the deprived citizens of the world.


2. Achieve Universal primary education

Education and learning are the most efficacious and fundamental procedure of liberation from the excruciating poverty. Factors such as educated mothers, basic schooling, and individual learning have multiplying effects on the process of emancipation. Literacy is directly proportional to empowerment, development, and equality.

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The worldwide campaign goal is to bridge a difference between a life of sorrow and that of contentment. To prevent marginalization of the impoverished sections of society, steps such as community learning, setting up of schooling administration, skill-based curriculum, employment guarantee, intimation with communication and technology, have to be taken necessarily.



3. Promote Gender equality and empower women

Feminism advocates for gender equivalence. Christopher Hitchens quoted that end of poverty has a name, women empowerment. Some ideological, irrational and dogmatic doctrines of society perpetually suppress equality of gender that goes against the welfare of the discriminated.

The increasing deliberate hostility, dehumanization and gruesome criminal activities have an increasing record against women shows the male predominance and patriarchal culture in most parts of the world. Eventually, this obdurate exploitation results as a hindrance to overall development. Often measured as vulnerable, the female population is a victim of favoritism and religious bigotry.



4. Reduce child mortality

The report documentation of UNICEF/WHO of 54 middle and low-income countries reveals some startling facts such as 38 per cent lack access to basic water levels, 19 per cent have no sanitation and 35 per cent have no soap for hand wash. Approximately, 748 million people in this world do not have access to clean drinking water, and this portrays the lamenting condition of those. The sustainable developmental development goal is impossible to attain if these rudimentary requirements are not met.

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Lack of water supply leads to nomadic life and lack of sanitation becomes a birthplace of gruesome diseases. Not just families and communities but world organizations have to come forward in providing these basic amenities such as creation of toilets, purification of water and surveillance of water conservation management.


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5. Improve maternal health

The global inequality in the health, wealth and education parameters has bridged a gap between nations. The social and economic transcendence are not the deciding factors for welfare. Maternal health is of high importance if child mortality is to be reduced and women empowerment is to be taken seriously.

Lack of exposure, health organisations and family support become a hindrance in provision of basic requirement to women. United Nation takes this very seriously and is firm in projecting humanitarian aid to the needy women and facilitate their maintenance.



6. Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases

The universal declaration of Human rights guarantees proper health and adequate resources to the global citizens. However, the risk prevalent diseases such as Malaria, Tuberculosis, HIV, Diabetes, Alzheimer, Cancer and many more have posted intimidation on the normalcy of life.

The bewildering number of deaths due to the communicable, non-communicable, reproductive health, childbirth, pneumococcal, genetically affected diseases, are a testimony to the urgent need to control the deaths and proliferation of awareness or healthcare in these alarming sectors.

The Global Health issue has to be undertaken by prominent organizations like WTO and also pharmaceutical companies so as to benefit the needy and ailing. Initiatives taken by NGOs and philanthropic institutions for vaccination and immunization of the affected, are commendable and similarly, the world needs to join hands in eradicating sufferings and trauma.

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7. Ensuring environment sustainability
Some of the detrimental effects of climate change such as heavy precipitation, drought, hurricanes, rise of sea level, global warming, etc., have posed hazardous health issues. These vulnerabilities need to be countered through crucial ecological conservation methods such as minimization of carbon footprint.

The reduction of use of dirty fuels, wildlife protection, removal of redundant industries and international wildlife conservation are some remedies. Deforestation, biodiversity loss, and land degradation need to sternly checked. The recovery of ecosystem fighting off the fragmentation and invasion needs to be monitored. This can be help agrarian sustainability and ecological restoration, thus enabling resilience.



8. Develop a global partnership for development
The strengthening and revitalization of global partnerships for attaining all these development goals and growth trajectory. The constraints and obstructions can be tackled with determination and relentless hard work. Sustainability is extremely crucial for every process and hence needs to be handled carefully and effectively.

The planning and implementation, if made accountable, can transform the global scenario. The world federation has to come forward with innovation and non-perishable perseverance, in order to proliferate freedom, equality, sovereignty, collaboration and brotherhood.