8 Makeup Mistakes that add to your age!



Unless you are an eight year old who is sneaking in on her mother’s vanity, you probably do not want to apply make up to look older. Yet, almost all of us unintentionally end up looking older due to small make up mistakes  – myself included. When I get dark circles, I tend to conceal it with lots of foundation and end up looking like a panda instead of concealing it artfully! Anddd it happens quite often unfortunately (sob, sob)

With so much being said about the correct way to apply make-up and what to do and what to avoid, you might think that this article is just another one of those puff pieces flooding your timeline. In truth, where the less is more adage falls true, you are most definitely making at least one of these mistakes when applying your makeup. EVERYDAY!

Powder, Powder –


Ok! Let’s get our affairs in order, girls! Powdering our noses does not mean we go overboard. Powder compacts are known to add up to 10 years to a woman’s face *eek*. Opt for a fluid based foundation for fresh and dewy skin and simply dust some translucent powder over it to set it right. But, just in case you do prefer powder compact over fluid ones, make sure you apply it all over your face with a powder brush. It’s always better to apply concealer after you apply the compact. This way you will have more coverage and will end up using lesser amounts of concealer, thus avoiding cakiness.

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Trash the Foundation –


Every one of us has struggled with this little witch! The foundation is one of the trickiest products to apply properly and even then it doesn’t set right. Foundations settle into lines and draw attention to fine lines and wrinkles on the face, especially the laugh lines and crow feet. With makeup getting advanced, why not trash the foundation in favour of BB creams and tinted moisturizers. Spot treat freckles, blemishes and dark circles with even-toned coverage, as simple as using a moisturizer.

The curious case of brows –


Often we come across girls who go crazy filling their brows and end up looking weird and overdone. The key to having the perfect brows is to shape them and fill them using a light coloured brow pencil and filling in the brow with light strokes so as to look flattering and natural. Beauty Tip : Use transparent mascara or a clean mascara wand to brush the hair into place.

Blush Blush –


Rosy cheeks, glowing skin; we all crave for the flawless, dewy skin we had when growing up. Well girls, if you don’t have one, create one!  Simply by applying a pink blush on the apples of the cheek, chin and forehead, you can get a soft look on your face which can make you look fresh and vibrant like a rose in winters. Always use a liquid blush as opposed to a powder blush as it stays longer and doesn’t end up in fine lines on the face. In addition to blush, create the perfect combination of matte and dewy by contouring your face the right way. The trick is to add a highlighter in the areas which will catch sunlight.

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Mini Makeover –


Have you been wearing the same shade of lipstick and doing up your eyes in the same manner since eternity? Well, habit are habits and are often hard to break, but there is a limit! If you have been applying the same shade of makeup for over five years, trash it right now. No wonder no one notices you anymore. Take cues from your favourite celebrities on what’s in and what’s trending. Buy similar colours which could look good on you and experiment a little. It’s always great and refreshing to try new things.

Tone it down –


Not knowing when to tone down the makeup is one of the biggest reasons to adding years to your face. Overkill is always a mistake and with make-up less is always better. I mean, yes, experiment with a pop of colour but don’t overdo it with blue eye shadow and red lips! Why not experiment with coloured eyeliners instead, or maybe, do a cat eye or winged retro liner to go with your pastel lip colours

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Mascara Miss –


Marilyn Monroe said, “I feel naked without my mascara”. Never skip mascara when applying makeup. Mascara makes the eyes look wide awake by opening up the peeps. Curl your lashes and add a flicker of waterproof mascara to add an instant lift to your droopy eyes. A word of tip though, always use waterproof mascara, unless, you want to look like a panda at the end of the day!

Shine and Shimmer –


Youth-ify your face with a hint of shimmer applied to the right places. As we age our skin loses its luminosity. Add shimmer or highlighter to the cheek bones and to the inner corner of the eye to add a touch of shine to your face. You’ll be amazed to see the difference it makes.

Dark circles? Check! Dull Skin? Check! Result – Fresh and dewy skin that will keep your peers guessing your secret! If you have been guilt – ridden by committing any of these blunders, it’s time to take control and improve your make-up skills to look pretty every single day.