8 kinds of partyholic people


People love going to parties and show their craziness to the world. There are a lot of partyholics in our country who have some or the other purpose of attending parties be it Dancing, Meeting people, Eating etc. It has a craze over the people mind to justify what they can be at some occasional events. Regarding this fact, we can identify many kinds of people so called ‘partyholic’ who got some plans behind the reason of attending parties. In our Indian economy, partying has a lot more importance than what you will find abroad because people are just freaked out at parties with the boos and craziness all over. Check some of the most kinds of people you find at parties:

1. The eater


Yes, there are mostly the people who comes to a party just to have snacks and dinner. In other way around, you can call them foodie who loves eating different items be it samosas, chaat, momos etc. They just don’t want to miss their chance to eat due to which many of them find themselves at that place as soon as they reach the party. It is the first thing that they care about because all they want is food, food and food. If ever you find them hand empty, It would be just because of the fact either they are full or they are shy.

2. The Dance lover

bollywood dance

Secondly, you might have come across people who love shaking their ass and dance like the king of the world. They just don’t care about anyone in the party and all they want is to dance. These kinds of people do have a nice personality because they seem to be very confident and are not shy. All they want is a stage and a chunk of songs which can be used for their entertainment. It is not that they don’t like meeting people or eating, but dance is their first priority. Dance lover or freaking cool dudes is suitable to call them.

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3. The shy ones


There are many people who are shy to talk or to do any nuisance thing that they love. They want to do everything but don’t have the balls to do it. These people comes in the list of silent and shy ones because nobody cares or gives a damn about them because they are not open or exposed to the outer world. If they are the king of their house, they end up being the mouse in the parties. Just because of the fact that they don’t have to guts to meet new people or talk to anyone which I believe should not prevail in the current world. If you really want to see yourself to the highest level of your dreams, first thing I suggest them is to remove this bad habit and change yourself which has been mentioned in my previous articles.

4. The studs


Studs are the people who have a world class personality and people just falls behind their wonderful pleasing personality. They are the coolest and handsome guys that you will find in every party. They bring a glow to the party because girls become desperate to those bunch of moons. These guys care about their body and personality time to time in every party be it checking their suits and hair repeatedly just to check if there is anything wrong somewhere. It’s not that they aren’t shy but very few numbers of boys tend to be shy because as respect to their nature, they have handsomeness overloaded.

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5. The pretty girls


These girls are the ones whom every guy or girl stares at everywhere they go. These are the demanded girls who are very beautiful and loved by the people around. In their view also, they want people to notice them and want to be the “Miss India of the party” Well jokes apart, But yes true indeed that they have a beautiful personality that attracts people especially boys towards them. Some of them has a huge amount of ego inside themselves which ends up getting them no one because of their nature. In total, they are the beauty queens of the party.

6. The cool alcoholics

Shahrukh khan smoking live

The most important people you will see is those few bunches of people in the corner of the party drinking alcohols and lost in their own imaginary world. They just don’t have any links with the party and are in their own world of dreams and alcohols. They are chilies, cool and peace minded person who just needs peace. They don’t like people coming and disturbing them because you know when one is drunk; all they need is a nice song and peace everywhere. Yeah, cool alcoholics indeed.

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7. Tensed one


You won’t generally find many people tensed at party times but those who have actually organised the party will look you tensed because it’s rather obvious that when you go with ding something, how can you enjoy the same that others do? You will see them rushing from here to nowhere and angriness all over their face just to check if they are all right. They want their party to go a huge success which brings tensions in their minds and indeed at one go they try to give the best they can to make it a grand one.

8. The Sticking ones

Lastly but certainly not the least are the sticking people who I guess loves to stick with people around them making it uncomfortable to the other ones. People normally beware of those kinds of people because they are very well aware that they are just going to eat their head by throwing all those cheap jokes and are called “Pakau” in Hindi.  People with these qualities are requested to change their way of meeting people because it is not called waiting but irritating people.

So folks, Which one are you? Leave your comments below. Enjoy hard partying!!