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Top 8 Hidden Secrets of Indian Metro Cities


The metro cities in India are amazingly developed in modern hi-tech cities because of the IT industries. We also get all the facilities which we need to lead a metropolitan life. Metropolitan cities are those vast cities which have all the contemporary amenities, good frame, and a modern outlook. They are the cities which don’t depict any specific caste and religion; people from all fragments of the country come to these cities to have an enjoyable rich life-style.

Metropolises are the cities which help the country to grow with a ration of financial economy. There are a total of 46 metro cities in India.

Wikipedia definition of a metro city: An area with a population of one million or more, consisting of one or more districts and consisting of two or more municipalities or panchayats or other contiguous areas, designated by the Governor by public notification to be a metropolitan area goes.

These metro cities expose the spirit of educated and young people. They have many companies and IT parks which earn a lot of currency for the country and produce lots and lots of job prospects for people. Ability is valued in the right spirit in these cities. Metropolitan cities give the country a built-up look. The conveniences and amenities provided here fascinate people from all over the country here. This results in an upsurge in the population of these cities


The progression of the city also obstructs its cultural life in some way which should not occur. The constancy of the culture of the city should be preserved so that we continue grounded with our roots when we develop. Life cycle in a metro city appears to be a bed of roses from the exterior but in realism people here grieve from a lot of stress and tensions. We can switch this situation by facilitating each other and by taking into thought the problems of each person. We should not be detached from anything, being a fragment of society it’s our responsibility to stand resilient and be together. Only then a city can progress and develop in real sense. There are many hidden secrets of Indian metro cities which people do not know. Let’s discuss some of them.

8 Hidden Secrets of Indian Metro Cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore

India Metro City Delhi Hidden Secrets

Leave behind your pre-perceived views on Delhi, and we are certain that the veiled gems in the city will astound you. Do you know that the city also has an enormously talented community of potters? Hundreds of potter clans from Rajasthan have settled enduringly in Delhi. Anyone can go and meet the potter community. Try to rotate the potter’s wheel. You can also find kids playing some customary Indian games in constricted streets make for a worthy camera-shot. Quench your taste buds with some traditional Indian snacks.

Mumbai Secrets

Barely anybody knows that the Sanjay Gandhi National Gardens is an endless forest area that covers 104 sq km or the information that within its areas the park is home to the well-known Sambhar, Langur, and leopard but also for the Hyenas and Indian flying fox. The least-known information though is that the Park experts are doing a very good job given the assets they have and in the face of enormous real estate greed in the city and the miserable apathy and lack of awareness of the citizens.

Hidden Secrets of India Metro City Chennai

Alamparai Fort situated in Kadapakkam, a village 50km away from Mahabalipuram is one of the unfamiliar places around Chennai. In fact, I came to discern about this place a few weeks back and since then I wanted to go to this place. There was nothing to prove the word ‘Fort’ as you will perceive only a few wreckages of the wall upright amongst the remains. But that doesn’t spoil the beauty of the place and when you climb up on the footsteps along the wall; you can witness one of the most beautiful landscapes. Sea and backwaters separated by a small blotch of sand, several small boats roaming around.

Hidden Secrets of Kolkata

The Nehru administration intruder reports that have astounded the country are only an ooze from the reams of confidential documents on Netaji still protected away in a ‘secret cell’ in Kolkata city.64 files concerning to Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose comprising intelligence reports on the investigation over his relatives between 1947 and 1968 are still being kept undisclosed by the Bengal government, this was revealed by Netaji’s grandnephew Abhijit Ray. He informed that the two files whose subjects created an awareness are locked up in a locker at the Special Branch bureau on Lord Sinha Road. There are 62 other files in the same agency of West Bengal, that are yet to be unveiled.

Hyderabad Top Secrets

Nilofer Hospital was built on the appeal of Princess Nilofer, daughter in law of the last Nizam king, she desired for a medical center that could take care of women in their prenatal period and childbirth stage.  Nilofer by the way was the last princesses of the Ottoman Empire. She also worked as a nurse during World War II.

Top Hidden Secrets of Bangalore

Get your share of mangoes and get your friends to join Bangalore in rejoicing summer and the ‘monarch of fruits’ at Ranga Shankara. The yearly Mango Party is for everybody and this is free of cost. Don’t be cautious of getting your hands or face untidy. It only adds to the practice. Trundle up your sleeves and get started. There are no guidelines. The notion is just to build an intellect of community, share a few giggles, collect new memories, and maybe you can make new friends in the event. Acquainted faces from the film industry world looking for a fun afternoon commotion promise to be present, alongside with many children.

Hidden Secrets of Chandigarh

When the anterior British region of Punjab was split between India and Pakistan during the partition in the year 1949, the original capital city of Lahore went to Pakistan. The Indian state of Punjab was in need for a new capital city, but when prevailing nearby cities were found unattainable as a replacement, the first Prime Minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru made it his primacy to construct a new and deliberate city not only for of the city’s premeditated location but also because it was tot to reflect new India’s modern enlightened outlook.

Pune Hidden Secrets

Shaniwar Wada in all its magnificence was the most attractive Wada in Pune. If stories are to be alleged, except for the fortifications, it was exclusively made up of teak wood. One of the constructions in the Shaniwarwada multifaceted was seven stores tall. On February 27, 1828, a mysterious fire took place inside the palace building. The inferno raged for seven days. Only the hefty strong teak gateways, granite ramparts and deep bases and relics of the buildings within the fort persisted.



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