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8 Hacks to fill up your wardrobe when running out of money


LayeredDressShopping is what every girl thrives for. No girl wants to wear the same old clothes. We even get tired of wearing an outfit even if we have worn it just twice. But money always gets in the way, more clothes mean more expenditure. But not anymore, here is some insider advice for you to get new clothes but spend a little!

Here is some insider advice for shopping smarter:

  1. It’s not always malls where you find amazing clothes 
    In markets like Janpath and Sarojini Nagar you get to do the best of street shopping. The clothes are generally export surplus sold at cheap rates. You will get products like ethnic wear, daily wear, dresses,  junk jewelry, silver jewelry, leather footwear in janpath. Always check out the opening hours before visiting these markets.
  2. Bargain, girls! 
    Shopkeepers tend to ask for a high price in fact they might ask for double the actual rate in such markets but you should know and practice the art of bargaining. In places like Janpath price of “anything” can be brought down to Rs 100-150. If the shopkeeper refuses to lower the rates just Move on! You may find the same product in another shop or you might end up finding something better.
  3. Burn up those calories and Hunt
    This requires a lot of rummaging and time. Decide what time is good for you and go, maybe with a friend to help you out. You can find many branded clothes in these markets just look for them and check closely for tears, stains etc. if you are shopping in janpath or any such market you will find the same clothes almost every other shop, good right if one shopkeeper refuses to lower the price you can move on to another stall and try your luck there. NO!! You know that you shop from cheap places that does not means the whole world needs to know that shop smart don’t buy those clothes which you can see on any other stall.
  4. Style up your wardrobe your way using your old junk
    Instead of buying new clothes create your own styles from your old clothes
    From an ordinary old pair of jeans you can create new pair of shorts, bermudas or capris whichever you like depending upon the type of jeans. For eg skinny jeans can be turned into a new pair of capris.
    Look up for DIY videos on YouTube and other sites. Moreover DIY’S gives you that satisfaction of creating something new
  1. Shop at the end of the season

Care about brands much? Well then this is the best option for you
. Rather than buying during mid season, shop for  clothes at the end of the season when there is sale at almost every showroom and stock up those clothes for the next year. But don’t buy any random weird thing you see just because it is on sale be wise.

  1. Mismatch and Accessorize

    Don’t be all boring and wear the same outfit every time. Try pairing up your tops and tees with different pair of jeans and skirts. Accessorizing differently with the same outfits can also make you look all shiny since the people will focus more on the accessory rather than those clothes. You can wear the same dress again just by teaming it up with some shrug or jacket and turn your otherwise boring outfit something fun.
  2. C’mon! You can let go of those old clothes now. 
    You can compensate money for new clothes by selling off the old ones on sites like EBay. With so much social media these days, it’s not hard to find girls who’d go crazy about those clothes you’ve outgrown or gotten bored of. What else? You can even buy some there!

But make sure those clothes you are trying to sold  are not too old and are in good shape.

  1. When will those cousins and best friends help? 
    Do you like the way your best friend or that cousin of yours dresses up?  If you are the same size as your cousin and she lives in some other town and if your friends are in different colleges then you can always exchange your clothes with them and score some amazing outfits without spending a single penny. And who knows? Maybe her clothes suit you better!

Moreover there is always an option to exchange them back.

So what are you waiting for? Go save some money!



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