8 Facts That Will Prove You Are A True Chocolate Lover!


For most of us, chocolate has been a therapy, a medicine,a solution to all the problems of the world. Something which has always given you the comfort of being enveloped in its secure blanket of sweetness and its intoxicating aroma. For us, it’s a solution for everything and everything is an excuse to have it.Here are some great reasons that prove that you are a true Chocoholic.

Read the 8 Facts to consider yourself as a True Chocolate lover :

1. “Anything Is Good if it’s made of Chocolate”

anything-is-good-if-its-made-of-chocolate1For a true chocolate lover, the above line is a mantra for life. We’ve been given the worst medicines with a lucrative offer of chocolate after it. The definition of delicious and delightful only stands true if there is an element cocoa in it.

2. You Never Share It.

bfa0dd68d0cb6d2e87b882929051c23aSharing is caring for you but sharing chocolate is a completely forbidden thing. You can share everything except that half melted milk chocolate in your hand. You’ll protect it like it’s your most precious possession which is only meant for your mouth.

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3. You Respond To “Dairy Milk Silk” Faster Than Your Own Name.

img_0815Chocolate is your treasury. You dream scenes from “Charlie and the chocolate factory” just because it has so much chocolate in it.

4. You Would Choose A Chocolate Cake Over A Fruit Cake Any Day.

According to you, it is mandatory for your ice creams,puddings, cakes, waffles and candies to have chocolate. The presence of chocolate is an unspoken rule to you.

5. You Look At People Who Don’t Like Chocolate With Disgust.

For you, chocolate is a basic necessity of life. If by chance you encounter someone who doesn’t like chocolate you would look at them as if they belong to a different planet altogether.

6. The 12-step Chocolate Programme.


One whole shelf of your fridge is dedicated to chocolates.If you could you would have chocolates even before you brush.

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7. Most Bakeries And Cafés Are Chocolate Parlours For You.

You love the aroma of these places and you stare at the displayed chocolate cakes and pastries for hours because chocolate is tempting you.Half the time you are too confused which one to order.

8. When It Comes To Chocolate You Don’t Care What Type It Is.


You might be choosy when it comes to choosing cars,clothes,mobiles, and accessories..etc. But when it comes to chocolate you don’t care whether it is dark,white, or milk chocolate. You love it all.

So here’s to all chocolate lovers as chocolate is one of those addictions which doesn’t kill you.
“If heaven has no chocolate then I don’t want to go there.”