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8 Disturbing Things about India


DISCLAIMER-  This post is entirely about my views and experiences. No offence in any way has been meant. And this post does not mean to misguide you towards disobeying your parents. They are not always right but doesn’t mean they’re bad. Go ahead and enjoy reading.

Here is the blunt truth that we Indians know, but none of us want to admit it! As much as I am proud to be an Indian, I acknowledge the fact that there exists a lot of things that we need  to change. In the land of beauty, culture and heritage, there lies the sad truth that our lives are being controlled by shallow “morals” and “ethics”. And even worse is the fact that this is not because of their own believes is even more saddening. These societal norms have time and again stopped us from living our lives on our own terms. And I’m sure that each of us has faced situations wherein our inner-voice for the things that matter, has been strangled to death.

1) We are not allowed to live our own dreams-

From what career we choose, to who we marry. These major decisions of our life are forced onto us by our parents who are more worried about society than their child’s happiness. OMG! Sharmaji ka ladka engineering kar raha hai! Nalayak, tujhe IIT mein seat kyun nahi mili! When in first place, their son wanted to be a singer!

2) Intelligence is judged by marks and not creativity-

Well, all of us have had those moments when our relatives called us up on the results day, just to know how good or how bad you did. And all along my childhood, MY result was a great topic of discussion in my clan. It is a typical Indian mindset that you’re not getting anywhere in life. So I keep wondering, do they check your grade sheet for an interview for a guitarist? 😮

And the worst is….

3) Our Parents are worried about what our Relatives think-

Those relatives who don’t give a damn when you are in deep trouble, are the ones that parents worry about more than their child’s happiness. Whether it is your career choices or the person you want to marry! Beta, log kya kahenge? Ladki humare caste ki nahin hai! Just why Papa? How does it matter what people think of my career choice or life partner when you approve of them!

Irony is here…

4) Everything we do has to be questioned by the society-

Indians LOVEEE people who stand out. But when you try to stand out everyone questions your choices, your decisions, your abilities and in fact, even your upbringing. Sometimes, your parents may even disown you. This is just a piece of advice dear friends. The beginning is going to be hard and you will be challenges & questioned.. But don’t you worry, stars can’t shine without brightness. 🙂

5) Transgender and Homosexuality are still disregarded-

This is some serious problem that has been ignored by the masses. Whether you’re bisexual or homosexual doesn’t matter. You are a human first. And that is above all. People look down to such people. Its not abnormality to be a homo or trans, its a rarity. I’m still waiting for the day when there will be equality in true sense.

6) A women’s character is judged by the length of her clothes and her dignity lies between her legs-

Well, the sub-heading is self explanatory. Why is it not so for men? Nobody gives a damn about the guys virginity. Nobody cares about what clothes he wears, then why is not so for women? I don’t think a women’s character should be judged by her clothes or virginity. It is her personal choice and she has every right to take such personal decisions. Her character should be judged by her thoughts.

And the irony is…

7) We talk about women empowerment all the time-

For the love of God, we must stop this! Its so hypocritical of us to talk about women empowerment and give the guy’s family an upper-hand in marriages. Its like an encouragement to dowry. Women  empowerment begins at home. And we fail at it. Girls are not allowed to stay out as late as guys. I know that’s not exactly what women empowerment  is about. But every single step towards erasing inequality is about women empowerment.

8) People are more interested in gossiping about other’s lives rather than trying to figure the faults in themselves-

I’ve been waiting for that all my life when people will stop gossiping about others life and see how deep into shit they themselves are. Aunties and uncles at the parties keep gossiping and back-biting about some or the other relative constantly, like their families are perfect. This is the saddest part of Indian gatherings. Like seriously, go get a life, man!

I hope you enjoyed reading this article. I hope you find it relatable. 🙂



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