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8 Changes That Accompany Hostel Life


Hostel life brings enormous changes to our life. Whether or not we accept it and no matter how much we miss our home, the fact is that living in a hostel teaches us more about life than anything else. So here are things all the people who have ever lived in a hostel can connect to:


1) From waiting for your birthdays to hating them :

The definition of birthday changes to becoming broke after giving treats to everyone you know and getting birthday bashes to an extreme where you can hardly stand or sit properly for a week. If the little 10 year old child waiting to cut his birthday cake and receiving presents from everyone who turns up sees this image, he will never want to grow up for sure.

Souce : Google Images


2) From Loving Junk Food To Knowing The Value Of ‘Maa ke hath ka khana’ :

There is nothing that makes you miss home more than the food that your mother cooked for you. Doesn’t matter if you get to eat pizzas more often now, there is nothing that satisfies hunger than home cooked food. No wonder the people who get us homemade food have a special place in our hearts.

Ghar ka khana <3 Source : Google Images

3) From ‘Gadhe Ullu’ To ‘Oye Bhe****d’:

The most noticeable change comes in our vocab.Infact anyone who tells us that he doesn’t curse is looked down upon as if it is a punishable offence.  Staying at home for long requires special attention so that we don’t end up using this lingo in front of our parents.


4) From a proper 7 hour sleep before exams to no sleep at all:

Hostel is probably one place where you can knock doors at 3 a.m. and expect them to be answered almost instantly.  Whether it is project submissions or examinations, staying awake all night becomes an usual thing. At home, we can hardly think of pulling off stunts like these.


5) From calculating percentages to calculating attendance:

Gone are the days when we worried about percentages. Missing the morning classes and calculating percentage in the morning before every class becomes a routine.

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6) From trying to avoid serious conversations with your father to waiting for his call every night:

Even though the father-child love may not be expressed very often, hostel is when you get to see the loving side of the most important man in your life. You might even find him hunting for words to say to you but you know that he misses you more than words could ever express.


7) From Television To YouTube :

The idiot box which was once our favorite pastime gets replaced by YouTube. Except for the cricket matches for everything else there is YouTube. In fact when someone sings a famous advertisement jingle, the first thing you do is “YouTube” it.


8) From Dil Dosti Dance to Game Of Thrones:

Our choice of television shows changes drastically. From watching one episode a week to watching one season per day, that is the change we go through. It amuses us how we used to be content with the Indian daily soaps with no story and only endless drama.

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I am sure you have your own lists. Do not forget to share it with me 🙂




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