8 Best things about Burj Khalifa


You all must know about the world’s a tallest building among which is the Burj Khalifa that bags the first position with a height of approximately 829 meters preceded by the Taipei 101. If you have been to Dubai, you know what it is all about. The people, places and especially the architectural buildings which give a glow to the world of sands that turns out to be a fascinating one. Here you will know about some of the Burj khalifa’s top characteristic that you can’t find anywhere else other than here:

1. The elevators

burj khalifa

It’s not the normal elevator that you will find everywhere in the world. After careful planning and experiment, it is designed with its best quality and is known as the world’s fastest elevator installed in Burj Khalifa. At the top of Burj Khalifa is the tourist place in 129th floor of Burj khalifa and the elevator just takes a minute to reach 129 floors. Just imagine? It has the capacity to hold 15 persons at a time and is furnished with top glass with decorative items that gives a perfect look of the elevator. It has 4 elevators in the building that is reserved for the tourists and other 6 lifts separately reserved for the staffs, VIPs etc.

2. Its structure

Burj khalifa has a iconic structure and the glorious view from the top gives a heavenic scenario. It is mostly made by glasses and quality material that shines ad the sunlight falls on the building. It has a very unique structure that is not common in comparison to every other building of the world. It has incurred many billions of money for its construction and its iconic structure.’

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3. Luxury


Where else on earth can you find luxury if you have Burj Khalifa? Yes you read that right. You just can’t imagine the luxury that you get there which is just immensable. Counting from Spa to world class rooms and other amenities, it ranks first in the luxury place of the world. To brief you about its facilities, It has swimming pools , SPA, Playing ground with a lot of sports, Its first class Dining room and its rooms are just awesome. Not only about the building, but Dubai is a life of luxury. It is not possible for a common man to gain the experience of luxury of Dubai because a lot of hard work and money is taken while getting it.

4. It’s top view

burj al arab

The view from the top of the building covers all Dubai and some parts of Abu Dhabi. The view from the top covers some of the top building of Dubai like The Burj al Arab, Palm Jumeirah, Atlantis etc. which just looks superb because everything is Dubai is made of a special structure. Palm Jumeirah is a tree shaped manmade island and various building are of different shapes which is a unique character of Dubai. One part is covered with top class buildings and other part is full of deserts which again appear as the unique character of Dubai. Standing at a level of 129 levels and peeping around the city of Dubai really gives a brilliant and amazing memorable experience that one can ever get.

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5. Skydiving

How does it feel to jump from the top tip of the tallest building all the way to the memorable experience? Yes you can avail the facility of experiencing the best adventure of the world. Many people around the world visits Dubai just to do this one thing and they believe that without doing this and going back home is something like going agra without visiting taj mahal. Sky diving is really a worth thing that cannot be missed by anyonw who visits there.

6. Opening to the Dubai Mall

Burj khalifa has a direct opening to the world’s largest mall, Dubai mall. Dubai mall which has a large number of branded shops and a huge market consists of a narrow opening to the building which is used by the tourists. It has a underground level which takes you to the building through the elevator and then another one takes you to the journey at the top. One fascinating thing about Dubai that you must know is that most of the top buildings have a direct line running from the subways or two buildings or so are linked to each other. The building is so large that you can find many passages from one side to another but it is all rounded shape.

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7. Laboratory

The iconic thing about the khalifa is its laboratory which should not say but I’m sure you will find it good. It has wonderful designed walls and the structure is very unique that attracts people to use it. If you go to the level of tourist view, you will find the laboratory awesome because of its well made structure.

8. Selfie from the top of the world


One amazing feeling about standing at the top is to take a selfie from the top of the world which is really an amazing feeling. Specially, clicking pictures with the rest 14 floors is just awesome. People generally keep selfie pictures from the top which looks cool. It will feel like you are the king of the world because believe me when I’m saying this, it’s worth it! The view from the top is just inexpressible and moreover when you take out your camera and click a selfie with the tallest friend of yours, that’s probably the best feeling of the world one can ever imagine. One thing that we conclude from the world’s tallest buildings is that It doesn’t matter where you are whether it top or not, but to be with the top is what matters to every one of us. So guys don’t miss the chance of of visiting Dubai and doing the things that is mentioned here.