8 Amazing reasons of having a “Gurajati” Friend


Guajarati’s are the best people to hangout with.  They are smart, joyful and the most polite people known. They always make great companions owing to their sweet nature. That are the people that you can never miss them.Here’s why Gujrati friends are really awesome:


Gujarati’s are your best Dance Teachers..

Dance runs in their blood.

Garba is their passion! Garba is their life!

Ever seen them doing garba according to the beats?

It will blow your mind and that’s for sure!

No matter how tiring a day would be for them, they are always energetic to do garba for hours! No matter which song in the world and no matter which location, you’ll definitely end up learning dance and customizing garba form your Gujju friend.


The best foodies:

You will never go hungry as they always stock up food.

You’re always invited to eat mouth-watering dishes like Dhoklas, Fafdas, Jalebis, Theplas and the list goes on….

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They are linguistic expertise…

When it comes to speaking in English there’s high intensity on alphabet “e”.

They’ll always “coal” you for a movie and treat you with “snakes” at interval.

Not all but a few Gujju’s have their own English dictionary.

Still it’s very easy to understand them. Simple Che!


A Guajarati friend will always teach basic Gujarati language like Kemcho (How are you?) and Avjo (good-bye, come again). You will also end up learning other words like Gandoo (Mad) and Gadhedo (Donkey).


They hold Ph.D. in bargaining…

Whether it is at market or an online shopping website, they are often tough when it comes to bargaining as they always expect a deal/offer/coupon. Hence take a Gujju friend along with you next time when you go for shopping because, you never have to bargain. They will do it for you as they have amazing negotiation skills.


No matter which location in this World, they know people around…

Pick any location in this world and your Gujju friend will always know at least one person from that location. They would also have their contact numbers saved and is always ready to help you in case of any assistance.

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They are amazing Business Acumen…

Most Gujarati’s are Entrepreneurs by nature. They have a great “Bijness”(Business) skills. Thus, it is good to seek them for financial advises.


You get a chance to attend Gujarati Wedding..

Whenever you are invited for wedding, make sure you save the date!

Never miss a Gujarati Wedding. You get amazing experience in Gujarati wedding such as more than 100’s of people attending, tasty food, Amazing music that Uncles and Aunties who always rock the dance floor!


Truly amazing people to be with!


Gujju’s are people golden heart. They’re the best people to be with. You can never miss them!