7 ways to become the favorite of your boss


When you are working at some office, then the most important thing that you have to do is to be in the good books of your boss. Sometimes, even if you are an efficient employee, still the boss is not happy with you on certain points. This can be actually bad for you because your appraisals and promotions are all in your boss’s hand. Apart from this if your boss doesn’t like you, then your every day working at the office also becomes pressurized and at times also difficult to handle.

You must have noticed that there always remains a favorite of the boss. He or she remains to be the happiest person in the office and gets the maximum opportunities to prove him or herself at the workplace.

Do you also wish to become the favorite of your boss? Yes, it is possible. Just follow all these tricks mentioned below and you can see the changes in the relationship between you and your boss soon.

Start thinking like a consultant

The main problem of the employees is that they often take the feedback from the bosses as a personal comment. This ultimately hurts their sentiments, and they feel de-motivated. But you need to understand that the boss does not actually criticize you, they criticize your work. The best way in this situation is to start thinking about a consultant. Think how a consultant works. Whatever cases come to them, they do not take them personally, rather they think about it logically and then they try to solve the issue. You should also take the comments of your boss as a problem that you need to resolve soon, rather take it personally and to lament on it.

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Take feedback from your boss efficiently

Your boss criticizes your work only to make you work even more efficient and so that you can stand a good chance in the organization. Do not forget that your boss is answerable to the higher management if you perform badly. This is the reason your boss asks you to perform well and pressurizes you every time. Understand this fact and try to take the feedback from your boss every time efficiently. If you take the feedback from your boss in an understanding way, then your boss will also understand that you are trying your best to work harder. But if you feel annoyed and depressed in front of your boss, this feeling of yours will definitely reflect on your face. This expression of yours is enough to irritate your boss.

Look out for your boss’s sensitive points

There are some sensitive points of your boss on which he or she gets angry more often. Maybe your boss is very punctual in time, or a very hygienic person or maybe he or she is very much concerned about cost effectiveness. Check out for the sensitive point that your boss have and try to correct yourself at that particular point. If your boss is a very punctual person, try to reach the office before your boss does and also try to complete your work much before the provided deadline. Similarly, if your boss is very much into cost effectiveness then try your best to be similar to your boss. Follow the ways that your boss uses to save cost at the office. Not only this, apart from following your boss and correcting yourself, you can also take initiatives in correcting others in the same way. This will definitely impress your boss. By the way, do not forget to put your focus on your actual work also at the office.

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Understand the idiosyncrasies of your boss

Apart from the sensitive points, there are also various things that your boss may practice. Such as it may happen that your boss wants print outs preferably only in the font Calibri. If you know this, then try to follow this carefully. Do not give your boss the slightest of a chance of complaining or getting irritated with these small things. Maybe these things may seem small today but later on these small things only gain you a good position in your boss’s good books. Be alert all the time when some work is related to your boss, and you will be able to manage and handle this with ease.

Keep calm even when you disagree with something

It is quite normal that at times a situation may arise where you may not agree with your boss’s points. But this particular time, in place of getting frustrated, you should keep your calm and think differently. First try to analyze why you think that your point is different from your boss. Try to think once from the perspective of your boss about the point. If still you think that you are correct then find out points through which you can prove your points. In place of arguing with your boss, make a nice presentation and then present it to your boss humbly stating that ‘this is what I think on this point, and these are my findings about it’. After all, your boss is also a human, and if he or she sees all your presentation without any interruptions, surely, he or she will understand your points.

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Clear confusions

Many a times it has been noticed that an employee may have confusions about a particular project, but he or she do not approach the boss because of the terms. Such misconception will increase the distances more between you and your boss. If you start working with your confusions only, then there are chances that you may come up with a wrong project or some problems in the work. This will make your boss even more irritated on you. So, if you ask about your confusions beforehand only, then may be your boss may act harsh to you in the beginning, but when you present a perfect project in front of him or her, you will be surely appreciated.

Keep your promises

Normally employees make a number of promises during the appraisals, for promotions and many other times. Do not make such promises that you cannot fulfill, and if you make promises, try your best to keep them.

Follow these steps and also be efficient in your work, and surely you will be able to become the favorite of your boss.