Top 10 Indian States with The Most Handsome Men


If you are googling for “Which Indian state out of 28 states has the most handsome man” – this is for you..!!

Beauty has been a measure and one of the must factor for girls, but why only girls ?? It is an equal right for a girl too to get a guy who is handsome. Here is a call for debate now why aren’t guys quality of looks isn’t termed as beauty and why would we often call or use the word Handsome for guys? Well, beauty is much related to sensitivity and cuteness which are the ideal and essential parameters for a girl but handsome word is not only meant with looks but also manliness, walking posture, and especially the way you behave. Gosh !! guys have so many things to manage and girls say it is lucky to be a boy.. (wink). So we have done small research and presenting you the 10 top states in our country which has the most number of handsome guys those girls usually dream.

These 10 states have the most handsome guys in India.

West Bengal

West Bengal is called the land of intellectuals since the time of independence, and girls can find suitable boys for them. Bengali boys are cultured and highly-qualified with the open-minded nature. Just come to Kolkata and see it yourself, girls! Every girl wants a person in her life who is intellectual and well-built, then a Bengali boy can be the man of her dreams. Along with the boys, their families are well-behaved and cultured in every respect. Any girl would be lucky to have a Bengali boy in her life to get the life of her choice after marriage as Bengali boys are not conservative.

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Madhya Pradesh

Welcome to the heart of India, where girls can find their heartthrobs. MP boys are fair-complexioned and tall. The geographical location of the state ha given the boys of MP an added advantage in terms of a well-built structure. With a good physique, MP boys are well-suited hunks for the girls out there. Boys are well-behaved and educated in Madhya Pradesh. Along with the education, MP boys have given utmost importance to career. Any girl who wants to have a life partner for eternity is sure to fell for a well-mannered MP boy.


Well, the land of kings! In Rajasthan, tall and handsome boys are found in every nook and corner of the state. The fair complexion resides in their veins since the ages. The royalty is in the blood of Rajasthani boys. Since the ages of kings and lords, Rajasthani Boys have the lineage of warriors and brave. Girls can find their soulmates brave, courageous, and well-spoken in Rajasthan with the touch of royalty.


Have you ever been to western Karnataka? This state which is known for its pleasant climate and beautiful girls does also has those handsome hunks whom a girl can rely on. The Western Karnataka’s vegetation climate is an added advantage and you could find almost many people with bright complexion and clean skin. The guys of Karnataka are very open-hearted and they treat their spouses/girlfriends’ families like their own families. Do you think this is exaggerating ?? then you should definitely visit  Bengaluru once and know it yourself.


Andhra Pradesh 

Telugu guys are well built with dark eyes. They are less talkative but once you got gel up with them they are the best entertainment you would have ever got in your life. If a girl is in search of that assurance and life settlement type of relation then her quest ends in Andhra Pradesh. Guys in Andhra Pradesh are well known for their hard work. Of course, they give much importance to stature and money but that often calls it as settlement. That was the reason why guys usually don’t get married here until they are confident about their living. If a Telugu guy says he is confident about living and earning it is actually more than a 3-star hotel type of life.



Guys here are pride and they would often compete girls in terms of complexion. Maharashtra guys are daring when compared to many other states, thanks to their inspiration Shivaji Chatrapathi. Guys of Maharashtra are quite understandable too and they have that small grin on their face. Well, comparatively guys here are less career-centric. So you might either find a handsome rich guy or a handsome poor guy very few chances for the middle range.



When Portuguese first invaded our country they have entered through Kerala. In their book, they have written that the guys are extremely charming and have unique features. Well, yeah Malayali guys are charming and look very decent. They are well educated and have good behavior. They would never say no to any help you ask if you are close to them. We also have one more reason to chose Malayali guys as many of them know cooking too.



They love their business more than anything, full career-centric, and money flows like water. Gujarati’s do have immense respect for their wives/girlfriends. They have big families and give value to family relations. Gujarati guy looks cool and smart. They are hilarious at times and knows very well when to behave and when not to.



Haryanavi boys are the heartthrob of the nation. With height, physique, and complexion, Haryanavi boys are no second to anyone. Since the time of independence, a different type of Desi culture is nurtured in Haryana, and all boys are desi in nature with a perfect sense of humor. It is not just about the body structure which distinguishes the Haryanavi boys from others, but they are well-educated and have vast tracts of land for financial security. Girls can find a secure and stable future with Haryanvi boys.

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If you are a girl who craves manliness, then Punjabi boys can be your choice. They are well built, broad, and respectable. They love a person wholeheartedly, and there is a saying that you won’t find any Sardar begging; this shows their economic stability too. They love the country a lot, and if a person loves his country, he can love anyone.


So girls here is our research and data, now the choice is yours. !!