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7 Tips to Keep Your Closet Organized


Keeping a closet organized is an ongoing process. However, if you see yourself needing to manage it more often than average, then you may very well benefit from the seven tips we have that’ll keep it organized. Follow these tips, and you will never have to take an entire day to arrange your wardrobe again.

1. Create a Designer Closet

If you have the funds and time to create a walk-in designer closet, what stops you? If it is out of the question, then it’s time to discover your creative side.

Be aware of what features are useable. Do you have too much space vertically or a lot of new rods for hanging? These items can come in handy and bring in interior sliding closet doors that can remove the cluttered look. Besides hiding the clutter, the sliding closet doors can add a great look to a door-less closet and save even more space as they slide to open instead of opening out.

2. Categorize Your Wardrobe

Categorizing your wardrobe is an easy way to eliminate clutter quickly. As you remove your clothes, don’t just throw them all into a pile. This will cause inefficiency and make you feel overwhelmed.

Instead, as you remove your wardrobe, divide it into its categories such as socks, underwear, pants, tops, and dresses. Once they are categorized, you can then go through each category one at a time.

This is a better system because you can sort them better when similar items are together. You can then remove the things that you no longer wear or have more than you need.

As you separate items, ensure to keep the things that you love to wear and continue to get used out of on a daily level. You are unsure about items that place them in a donation pile, and don’t think twice.

3. Remove Your Clothes and Give Your Closet a Good Cleaning

Now that your clothes are separated, it is time to check to ensure that your closet is empty. With an open closet, go ahead and proceed to give it a good cleaning. Make sure to scrub the walls, vacuum any carpeting, and provide any shelves with good wiping.

4. Store the Wardrobe in Categories

This is an obvious tip; however, you will see the big difference as you quickly find your favourite sweater without having to look for it. When storing, maintain similar items together. Keep all of your belts together, keep dresses hanging together, and make sure that all shirts are with matching shirts, etc.

5. Use Hangers for Obvious Items

If you have space, then you can get away with hanging all of your clothes. However, if you are space-limited in your design, then you should use your hangers for the obvious items that can be hung. These items include blazers, jackets, suits, dresses, lingerie, and skirts. If you feel like being creative, you can organize your clothes so that they are all aligned from left to right based on the item’s size.

6. Keep Hangars As One Type

If you have ever experienced a cluttered closet, you know how important it can be to maintain your organization. You can easily accomplish an organized closet by integrating hangars that are one type or style for your entire wardrobe to hang on. When you do, it is also a good idea to use hangars which will also be strong enough for the cabinet. Your hangars should be well built and will keep clothes attached.

7. Store all Sweaters and Heavy Material Items

By storing your sweaters and other heavy material items, you are saving a ton of space in your drawers and hanging racks. Make sure that they are stored separately. They should be kept due to their thickness and inability to crinkle, go limp, or lose their form after being stored.

Besides that, you will be able to see each item individually as it are stored. This makes for easy access when you are searching for something to wear.



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