7 things why people love iphone


In the midst of the technological world, electronics have played an important part in human’s life which has become a necessity for any person be it old or young kids of 10s. Mostly cell phones have come in role because it is the thing that you will find with every 98 persons out of 100. Suppose you are out and somebody wants to meet you, Mobile plays a role as a medium or take a case of a unknown place, again this mobile is what comes to your use. Like many brands, one brand that stands out of every brand is APPLE. Yes, the cell that it makes is called iphone which has become a trend to carry iphones all around the world. I will be telling you some of the facts behind carrying iphone or its craziness everywhere:

1. Easy and convenient

Girls talking on the iPhone.
Girls talking on the iPhone.

Iphone are very easy to handle and convienient to use which enhances its first feature that people look towards because there can’t be any other phone like iphone be it any iphone. The latest one trending in market are the iphone6 and 6+. The craziness over iphone is just mindblowing. Everyone in US has a iphone or taking a case of laptops, they have Mac which again is a laptop that apple manufactures.

2. Standard look and rich features


The first and foremost thing that everyone look up to is the looks which iphone has no doubt to be the best because of its slim trim body and its amazing features that just blows the minds of people. Just because of this, it is not accessible by the low class people because the price is quite high. People consider themselves rich and loyal when they carry iphone according to the statistics. It has a overprotection feature about Bluetooth’s which is that you can connect to any Bluetooth wireless medium to use it but can’t transfer files between android and apple to avoid malwares and unwanted materials.

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3. For Mediocre and rich people


Earlier days, its price used to be quite high which only high class people could afford it but nowadays apple has recognized this fact and started to bring phones which can also be affordable by middle class people like apple 4s. Due to huge success of apple, it has reduced prices of many of its products which again are the new strategy and offer for mediocre people to buy the phone. However you will see that people having iphones belong to a loyal or high class people because even if a middle class people buy iphone but it may not be a wise decision for him.

4. Never hangs

One top feature that everyone wants is the hanging problems of cellphones. Take any middle range phone of android, hanging is a must which has become a feature of android but if you take a costly S series phone of android, the hanging problems doesn’t disappear but do come in future. But the thing that sets iphone apart from all is it doesn’t hang anytime. Fill all the memory but also you will not find any problem which is a distinguished feature from all other phone. The main fact is take any model if iphone4,4s,5 or 6, it never hangs. If you want to call immediately to someone, android and other phone will take time to open and calling but in iphone it is very easy and fast.

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5. Access to Siri and other features


Guess what? Want to make a call but tired to move your fingers in the screen? Iphone brings you the special feature of siri which is your iphone friend and you can make your things work with her. She helps you in dialing numbers, searching stuffs and anything that you can access with your phone. I am sure you will not find the same easy and convenient feature in other phones. Taking camera quality to functions. Everything is just so awesome that an iphone user is always a iphone lover, S/He will not find other cell as good as iphone is because they may not satisfy their needs that iphone does so easily.

6. Appstore

This is the store where you can buy apps and search for all the stuff that you need including games, business related stuff etc. and is very wonderful to use. Any professional everywhere specially in US uses apple just for the sake of his top work because everyone know that using iphone will really give the work a good impression in a professional way. Appstore is same like playstore but in playstore you find many problems such as error app but you will not find this problem in appstore. It is more compatible than other stores because information are true and workable. You can play games, download magazines and soft wares which are very good because appstores has the best applications which you may not find in other stores.

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7. Show off

Yes that’s true. People need to show off in front of others and that’s the only reason behind buying an iphone but certainly this prevails for some of the person because if you see in school or colleges, this trend of showing iphone to the people around has been a trend nowadays. This only reflects that they want to show off which can be good at some situations. Of course, they all want to show that they do belong to a rich background and have some prestige so that people will start to give value to them then onwards which is totally a bad consumer behavior.

Whatever the reason behind buying an iphone. All that matters is that it is very durable and easy to use and the basic part of all is we can call and receive calls from an iphone which is all I suppose is needed before buying a cellphone.

Folks, so if you are really looking for a medium budget phone, nothing can be better than a iphone.