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7 things to empower youth in our country


In the era of 21st century where knowledge and education meets people, especially the youths have proved the growth of country brand in the international level. The coming youth has a very deeper aspect in growth and diversity of any country. Take a case of India where human resource is so much important that they are evolving leaders in the near future. Youths have been taking initiative for the country which has a huge impact on country’s growth. Even the governments want this to happen and are giving many platforms to the youth to showcase their talent. There are some things which can empower the youth to grow as an asset:

  1. College activities


Not only in college but also in school, many kinds of activities are done which develops a child and helps to grow. There are many events or performances which I think can really help the upcoming youth to innovate and come up with new ideas. Take a case of college activities, Youths have different passion like dancing, acting etc. and accordingly they can choose their dream path. Participation in college activities definitely helps the people to grow and think. It is very imperative that people are really taking initiatives but without proper guidance, no success can be achieved. Co curricular activities can be a boon to the youths to come online and make a new stuff out of it.

2. Participation in conference about national issues

Another thing which has meant to be a need for development for a youth is the participation in conferences. Let it be any event or any conference regarding various issues like woman inequality or climatic issues, one thing that I found is they actually get aware of the affairs happening in our country and also acknowledges them about the current issues of the world. Enough of the decisions and suggestions by the top executives, now it’s the time when youth are suppose to give a chance regarding suggestions which need to be then screened by the authority. That’s how youth will take initiatives.

3. Follow your passion and start

Dictionary definition of the word passion.

Passion is the thirsts to do something which you love and that’s exactly you need to figure out before your college life ends because after them you will always choose a carrier and not live your life. Build your own dreams otherwise you will be hired by someone else to build their dreams. If youth want to ignite in future, try and learn to be leaders but not followers. Do what you like to do and love but not what others want you to do. It’s a great platform unless you grow big but after everything I wasted, life will be a hell with 0% enjoyment.

4. Think and try at least once

Thinking is a very important part to create a startup or do something. If you are interested let’s say in singing, start working on your dreams and not just let it delay day by day. There is no right time for anything; you are the one who makes the time right. Think about new ideas and come up with strategies and implement it also. If it fails, try other one but try. That’s the process of life and success. Youths are very igniting in this world and no power on earth can stop them to perform their skills.

5. Communicate with professionals regarding your ideas


Ideas are many but the thing is to take them in your mind and work upon them. One important factor is communication with the professionals. Youths can be empowered and flourished when they are exposed to real life and situations are thrown to them to handle it. It can be successful when they create a network with the top professionals and sort out problems with them. This process will lead to create leaders in our country and exposure will lead to the success and develop the country. Communication with people will also give ideas and exchange of ideas is something every youth should focus on.

6. Organize events and activities


Organization plays an important part in empowering and gathering youths in our country. Taking initiatives of these activities can really help them in future. From cold calling to escorting guests, everything is a part of organizing events and experience of life. Experience is something which gives you confidence and hope to perform better in future. At the same time, you can earn money also which is a beneficial point for the youths. Enough of the rule that after college, people start to make money from doing jobs but the scenario has been changed very much. Now people have started to earn couple of bucks by online as well as offline by organizing these kinds of activities.

7. Gain experience in everything

As discussed earlier, experience is a great thing one desires to get out of ever work they do. It gives youth a hope of doing something new and will provide them a platform to do something innovative. Experience is something which do not dies but always live with you unless you die. It is immaterial of the fact if it is a bad experience or not but there should be some experience. Youth nowadays join many companies and do internships so as to gain experience which has given them a freedom to choose their own career. If you know the reason behind starting something new, you got it.

Youths have been a special force to the growth of any country which then makes it a global success. There are many opportunities spread everywhere in the country but the thing that matters is that you need to grab the opportunity. Opportunity will be knocking your door but unless you don’t let it in, there will be no success for you. So folks and youths, if you want to prosper more in the country and want your names recognized in the history of the pages, start something now and think how you can reach your dream destination.




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