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7 things that will help you to grow


In a country like India, there is a lot of opportunity and scope that helps people to grow and achieve their dreams. The education and learning provided here can be utilized by the people and satisfy their needs and wants. But the problem that often arises is “laziness”. That’s 100% true. We need to realize that studies and mainly activities play an important role in growth in all aspects like personality development, speaking skills etc. It is acceptable that every person who lives on this earth has some dream or desire that they want to achieve sometime in their lifetime. I ask them, “Why shall not now?”. If you really want to get to that level where you see yourself, why not starting working for it now onwards?. There is no time which will tell you the right time to start so for these reasons I bring you some of the greatest things that will definitely help you for growing:

1. Personality development


Personality matters a lot t every human being for growth, fame and name. Actually to say, It really makes you grow. But where does this personality come from? It is nothing but your inner sound that forces you to make capable of what you are. For eg: If you are a singer but you are shy to talk in front of others, how will it bring your talent forth? The answer is to start talking to people then and show them your talent. It might look tough at first but you know that its going to work out later.

2. Expose yourself to environment

The moment you understand that exposing yourself is the best way to bring who you are, you will succeed the first step of growth. Growth in my personal note is something which inputs skills inside you which you can utilize and generate some output. It doesn’t matter how much do you grow but always see yourself growing bit by bit every day. Tap for opportunities according to your interest and try at least all the possible things that come in your way.

3. Ask yourself a question

Before you go to sleep at night, just see yourself in a mirror and ask yourself, “Did I grow? Am I in the position where I dreamt to be? What is lacking in me? These questions will make you think how you can overcome your problems and help to achieve success. People who have a strong will to do something never fail. They do fall but the determination is something which holds them back. So whenever you feel a loser, Just ask yourself questions about the same and don’t lose your hope.

4. Follow your idols

Idol is a person who gives you inspirations and teaches you to grow. To name few, our country has and had been blessed by some of the prominent superheroes like Mahatma Gandhi, A.P.J Abdul Kalam sir, Bhagat Singh etc. But to draw some of their thoughts and the non violence act of Gandhi ji, it helps you to make a way to get success. Success is not something which you get from market but you need to earn it. Thrive for it and see you got it.

5. Read newspapers and magazines

This has been mentioned everywhere in the success lines but very few understand the importance of it. It has brought the importance of knowledge and education that you get by these mediums which then you can use it in your way. Well there are few dominant and good newspapers which you should not miss in your daily lives especially if you are willing to be an entrepreneur. No person on earth I suppose would say not to read newspapers because they themselves would have surely undergone these situations which make them stand where they are today. It has a huge importance in anyone’s life not just because to get theoretical experience but obviously it helps you to think in a way to get your desired outcome.

6. Think and do it, Don’t wait for the right time

According to my experience I have seen many tons of people who come up with ideas to do something but then they just can’t help to implement it. These might happen because of half knowledge about something or the inappropriate knowledge that don’t let them to frame their ideas in a proper system. This is where the word “Think” comes in stand where it basically means that you should always think before what you do and just don’t think but do try it also. This will open your mind to places which will let you think even deeper and help you to grow. These small things really help you to grow and it is these things only which help you to achieve your targets within a period of time.

7. Don’t take tensions in life

Tension is the negative pressure or the effect that demotivates you to start something and makes you feel low. Ratan Tata , Ceo of Tata industries says,

“If you spend all your life taking tensions and work, it will take your enjoyment from you and you will miss the fun of life.”

In the other sense, you earn money because you want to enjoy life and you work for it. But what’s the point of creating tensions and pressure in your mind when it really doesn’t gives you anything. On a serious note, the secret of growth is the focus and dedication that is all needed and you should never worry in different circumstances because it is a part of life.

Good times are waiting for you at some or the other period of time so enjoy life and think what you want to be in future and work accordingly. I’m sure life has many doors open to you.




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