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7 things that we can learn from Chandler Bing


F.R.I.E.N.D.S. has given us a lot. From Phoebe’s incredible weirdness to Ross and Rachel’s love affair to Joey’s charm to Monica’s perfection syndrome to Chandler’s spot on sarcasm. It had everything. So much so that we can still watch it over and over without getting bored even for a second. The best part about this show is that we would never get enough of it. We will always keep hoping for a little more.

This show would not have been such a huge success if it hadn’t been for Chandler. Nobody could have played it better than Matthew Perry. Chandler is by far the most loved character of this show. His wit, humor, sarcasm, honesty, modesty and absolute cuteness leave us all madly in love with him. There are so many things that this show teaches us.

Here is a list of the things that I have learnt from Chandler Bing: 



#1. The best thing you could give anyone is a good laugh

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Being funny is Chandler’s thing. He believes in making everybody laugh. No matter what the situation is, he can crack you up merely by clicking his fingers. He may not be the best person to turn to for advice but he sure is the best person when you need a good laugh.

He has taught us that no matter where we go or what we do, if we can make a person laugh, we are living life the right way. Nobody in this world deserves to be sad. So if you can tickle somebody’s funny bone and make their day better, go ahead!


#2. Dance like nobody is watching

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 Not all of us are great dancers and Chandler is no exception. However, he doesn’t care. He dances like a duck but it doesn’t matter to him. He dances as if nobody is watching and that in itself says a lot. He maybe awkward and committment phobic but he lives life on his own terms and doesn’t care what anybody else thinks of him. Dancing makes him happy even if it makes him look like a hopping bunny. 

So if you are a terrible dancer, don’t shy away from swaying your body to the beats. Because, hey, if Chandler can dance then so can you!


#3. Best friends are like family, only closer

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Chandler and Joey’s friendship is so overwhelming that sometimes their cute little moments can get you teary-eyed. Chandler and Joey can do anything and everything for each other. They would take a bullet for each other if need be. 

Chandler has taught us to be supportive of our best friends’ career choices even if they sound bizarre. He has taught us to be there forever for our best friends. Remember how he paid for Joey when he didn’t have any money and never asked for it back? Remember how he had faith in Joey even after multiple failures? Remember how much he loved Joey?

That is how friendship should be. Complete, pure, two-way and boundless. 


#4. It is okay to be brutally honest 

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How many times has it happened that you lied just to save somebody from getting hurt? Innumerable times, right? 

But that was not the case with Chandler. He could make anybody feel awkward just by being honest. That is not a bad thing though. Everybody has built up walls of falseness around them. Everybody likes to please people by lying to them. 

The world would be so much better if everybody just spoke the truth! 

Chandler may not be everybody’s favorite and he didn’t even have to be. He was always himself whether people liked it or not. Those who mattered liked him anyway and those who didn’t never mattered. Honesty, FTW! 


#5. It is important to acknowledge your feelings

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We have all seen his transition from being hopelessly vulnerable to hopelessly in love. Chandler is one character that grew emotionally through every season. Remember the time when he could not even come to terms with himself that he actually liked someone? And then, remember the time when he could not wait to propose to Monica?

Even if you are commitment phobic and have difficulties in embracing your feelings, don’t worry. There will come a time when it won’t matter because you one day, will be head over heels in love with someone who you will no longer feel vulnerable. 

That will be the day that you will know what Chandler went through when he fell in love with Monica. 


#6. Do NOT date someone your friends hate

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Nobody liked Janice. Nobody except Chandler. Well, even Chandler didn’t after a point. 

Even after being told by all his friends to break up with her, he didn’t. Look at the consequences then.

Mistake  1: He dated someone who none of his friends liked.

Mistake 2: It was Janice.

Mistake 3: He dated her over and over again.

Theirs was exactly the type of relationship that most people have these days. To escape from reality and their loneliness, they seek refuge in a person they don’t even like very much. 

If your friends tell you that they don’t like the person you are dating, take their advice. They know you the best and will obviously know who is right for you and who is not. 


#7. Love endlessly and hopelessly 

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Chandler wasn’t very good with the ladies but when he started going out with Monica, he knew that was it. They made one of the best couples on TV ever. He could do anything for her. He loved her beyond eternity and it killed him when they couldn’t have a baby. He did everything he could just to see that smile on Monica’s face. Remember when he had to wear a pink bunny costume because Monica picked it out for him? 

He may not be a perfect person but he sure can give us great life lessons. 

Could he be any more awesome? 



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