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7 things that prove Sundar pichai as the leader


Since the growing technological world, people have been engaged in many fields of marketing and technology to prove themselves out of their hard work and determination. With many try their best but very few get through their dreams. Among them, we have a leader who was born in Chennai and emerged as the world top leader. Yes his name is Sundar pichai, who was brought up in Chennai till his schooling and completed his graduation from IIT Kharagpur. He won many events and then studied at Stanford university and then got a scholarship to complete in PhD in MBA from Wharton university from university of Pennsylvania. Although he belonged to an engineering background, from the earlier age, he was very fascinated by the technology and spent his childhood age in low class comfort. Today, he is named as the new Indian born CEO of Google company which is a huge achievement for any person in his life. Let us see some of the things that Mr. Sundar focused on:

1. Worked for Mckinsey then google


After graduation from Wharton University, he joined Mckinsey Company and worked for some years but then he left it and joined Google in 2004 as the vice president of product management where he used to handle operating system like Google chrome. Because of his focus and aim that led him today as the CEO of Google. He gained experience from Google and wanted to give his best to bring in to the top and fortunately he did it.

2. Talented

Larry page lauded Sundar in his blog about his intellect mind and says, “Very fortunate” to work with a talented person like him. He is very delighted with his new decision and expects Google to lead the world under his supervision. With many courses, Page and Sergey Brin had been looking Pichai for his work and determination and are very excited with his efforts that he has put into the company and the result is very appreciative.

3. Focused on his work

Pichai is very much focused towards his work according to Brin in his blog which brings growth to the product sector of the company at a rapid pace. Since last October, the progressing growth has turned very high and then onwards his work came to be noticed by page and decided to give him the opportunity to show his dedication towards the top post of a company. Great appreciation to the Indian born star of company. His work has really excited page and brin to carry on the future responsibilities of Google.

4. Emerged as One among the few top Ceo’s

Pichai has been named as the top CEO of any company in the 40s years of age after some of the Top businessman like Satya Nadella was named as the CEO of Microsoft becoming the tech giant after chief executive Steve Ballmer and bill gates at their 40’s. PepsiCo’s CEO is also the Indian born Nooyi and Mastercard is leaded by Ajay Banga. Deutsche bank CEO is Anshu Jain who graduated from Shri Ram College of commerce who again is of Indian origin.

5. Dedication

His dedication and his targets are something which brought him as the emerging leader of a company. It needs a lot of commitment towards something if you really need it to happen in future and Pichai left no chance to fulfill it successfully. After spending his 11 years working with Google, finally he got his dreams fulfilled and all because of his strength to show his skills and talent what he is capable of. This dedication is needed everywhere if you want yourself to see in heights of dominance. It is not important to go abroad to study but if you are not getting a proper exposure you are suppose to get, it’s no use wasting your time there founding some new innovation or something like that because it is going to be in vain. Better work on ideas and keep one goal which can lead your way as Sundar Pichai did which took him to a success path.

6. Struggles

It’s very obvious that everyone face struggles in their life may be before or after but certainly it is temporary. It is up to you if you face it or leave it and look back but undoubtedly Pichai faced it very intelligently and waved his path to a new chamber of world. When he was young, his family background was very low and he used to travel in local buses and the saddest part yet inspiration one is that they did not have a single TV at home. These are the things that always made him to grow inside and wanted to be a man of him to leave all those freaking struggles and emerge as a world class leader at this early age.

7. His behavior

Behavior of a person is something which decides his support of the people because it is a fact that people support those who has the capability and is very friendly. These qualities come under the leader itself. His decent and always workaholic behavior has moved him to a force of work which he was addicted to make Google to stand in a place he dreamt for. It is rather obvious that Behavior of a person attracts people towards him but yes at the same time there should be a strict face which follows the norms of the company. Keeping all these things, Pichai very well kept the impression of the company and offered its consumers a world class leading platform for its sites which helped Google to stand in the top.

There are many talks about the new CEO or the COO of various top MNCs but what sets Pichai different from all of them is the young leader who emerged with the responsibilities of carrying out the company to the top level. It is a huge round of clapping to our new Star to take the world into a new generation.





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