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7 things that an Engineering student goes through during the last year


Last year of engineering : Something every engineering student eagerly waits for. Dreams of no attendance , no lectures lure us into B.E. But it all turns topsy-turvy when suddenly aptitude tests , interviews , GMAT, GRE exams are thrown at us . Questions like “Beta, place hue kya?”, “Kaunse company mein job mila?” and “Aage kya decide kiya hai” become commonplace. Few thoughts and advice we all go through our last year of this gruelling course …

1.Why did we ever reach last year

From the very beginning we hope for this to end and have a degree in our hands. But when we finally reach the acme we wonder how all those years passed so fast,second year was so good.third year was actually pretty damn good and WHY,why did we ever reach last year.


2.You should’ve started preparing for Aptitudes/GRE/CAT long before.

And you should’ve completed my assignments , my practicals , my mid terms and all the other vivas and exams. We all love to live in dream worlds. But unfortunately engineering is anything but a dream. Its wasn’t possible. Period.

3.Bas itne extracurricular/co-curricular

Reaching the last year wasn’t easy as it is and now you are expected to have an amazing amount of extra activities , sport certificates and internships . Well that ship has definitely sailed . No use of being reminded about it. Moving on ….

Na. Nahi. NO

4. Enjoy the last year. These days won’t come again.

Enjoy? Between preparing for exams , sitting for interviews and trying to land a job, sure, we’ll enjoy.


5.Don’t worry. Everybody gets something at the end.

At the end?? End of our life? Really not the best advice to give a stressed engineering student on the verge of a breakdown . You’ll definitely get an earful with no one to blame but yourself.

6.Shayad humare naseeb mein kuch aur hai.

One of the main ways to convince ourselves that everything is going to be fine . We were always meant to be writers , dancers, singers etc … just not engineering students. At least we are being optimistic and looking at the bright side of slogging for degree for 4 years (sometimes more) which apparently isn’t of much value. Chetan Bhagat , Amish have inspired a generation.

Tujhe dancer hona chahiye tha. Wrong profession.

7.Que Sera, Sera

Que Sera, Sera i.e. ‘Whatever will be, will be’ means that the future is up in the air, and whatever is going to happen, is going to happen. So we prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

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