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7 secrets behind such a good posture of Chinese Army


Good posture is believed to be the strength of a soldier and has been praised for improving physical appearance, changing mental attitudes, reducing depression, curing neurotic tendencies and high blood pressure. In a military life it is the first thing a soldier has to learn because it is the mother of all military actions. This posture isn’t always easy for everyone to learn. Soldiers’ caps, tacks, sticks,bricks and cards can all be used to correct the postures of their bodies, waists and heads. New recruits of army undergo these  training methods to to demonstrate their strength and masculinity in every move they make.


Tacks are stuck in the collars of soldiers so that if their head would not be held in the right position these thumb- tacks would stuck in their neck  thus, a minor slouching would cost a lot to them. But it is one of the effective method used by the officers to correct the pose and keep the head up and straight of the sodiers.



A brick is placed on the cap of each and every soldier to make them still as a statue and shape their body in the stance of a soldier.


Soldiers have to keep their hands firmly pressed against their sides while having a steady stand. The officers ensure this by placing a card in between their hand and legs. If the soldiers shift position or don’t keep their hands pressed down, the card  would slip but if the soldiers keep their hands and legs firmly at right place the card would be remain at its place without slipping. 


One unusual and funny method includes tying of rope around the soldiers’ legs to teach them how to walk measured steps in a perfect posture.


An army doesn’t emphasize on one man fighting. Every movement must be performed precisely and in properly synchronized manner by each and every soldier. The soldiers must hold the straws in aligned manner that an officer can see through all the straws.


The secret behind soldier’s awe inspiring and beautiful goose steps is that each and every step taken by them is kept up to a desired mark. In posture training emphasis is not only on an individual soldier but is on the training of the group as a whole.



An officer uses wooden crosses to teach the soldiers how to stand correctly. The Wooden crosses are strapped to their backs so that shoulders are kept pulled back and their necks remain aligned.

Thus, after going through these tough and strict training methods, Chinese soldiers are ready to march and stand proudly and powerfully. 



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