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7 richest areas in South India – Regret for not taking birth there


Even though their is urbanization taking place there are still some places which holds the most posh and richest area tags in the cities. Three metro cities from South India viz, Banglore, Hyderabad and Chennai  has the most number of millionaires in the country collectively. Though the malls and infrastructure plays a main role in the costliest tag for an area of a city still the places where the rich use to reside from long back are considered as the most posh and richest areas of the city. Here is the list of 7 most richest places of the South India which are considered as hubfor rich people.

1) Sadhasiva Nagar – Bengaluru 

This is the most costliest residential area in the Silicon valley of India. This area is situated to the northern suburbs. This area is home to many celebrities including Raj Kumar’s house who is considered as super start of Karnataka. All the families which reside in Sadhasiva Nagar are well to do families and are mostly into business. Sadhasiva Nagar also holds the record of one of the best organised areas in the country.

2) Banjara Hills – Hyderabad 

It is quiet often to spot a Lamborghini or Porsche in these streets. Banjara hills is home to many movie celebrities of Tolly wood and many business tycoons. The cost Sq Ft land in this area is 30,000-35,000 rupees making it one of most costliest areas in the country. The streets are well designed and greenery could be spotted in almost each and every home compound.


3) Poes Garden – Chennai 

Poes garden is the most expensive locality in Chennai. It homes actors like Rajni Kanth, Vijay and also Chief Minister Jaya lalitha’s home is here. Apart from this Poes Garden also homes business tycoons like Indira Nooyi, chairman of Pepsico. Poes garden has become the center for Tamil Nadu’s politics and film Industry.

4) Jubilee Hills – Hyderabad 

Jubilee hills is the prime destination for many business people of Telangana and Andhra pradesh states. Many people who got settled here are from Coastal Andhra Pradesh. Jubilee hills homes many politicians including the TDP leader Nara Chandra Babu Naidu and many prominent members of Telangana state.  Jubilee Hills Road No 1 holds a record of the most costliest commercial area in the Country.

5) Jaya Nagar – Bengaluru 

Jaya Nagar is one of the oldest localities of Bengaluru which has the tag of classiest area in the city. Jaya Nagar homes to many well known prominent people like Narayana Murthy. The land rates in Jaya nagar is very high that transactions and registrations that happen on Jaya Nagar lands would fetch the Bengaluru Coporation 5% of its total annual budget. OMG !!

6) Boat Club Area – Alwarpet, Chennai

All you could spot is lavish villas and clean streets pushing you in to a ambiguous zone that you are in Chennai or somewhere. Boat Club Area is the most posh area in the city and it homes many architecturally beautiful homes. Maran’s family and other big shots reside in this area making it a prime destinations for many other chennaites.

7) Beasent Nagar, Chennai

Well organised roads and beach facing villas, do you think you need more than this for an area to be the best place to reside. Beasent Nagar in Chennai has top notch infrastructure and it homes many known personalities. The Beach area is the main attraction for this locality.

So don’t forget to visit these places when you visit these cities because everyone needs inspiration to grow in their lifes, better get the inspiration from here.



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