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7 reasons why your food diet is not working well for you


Today everybody is facing one common problem, and that is diet. Either people are so busy that they are not able to think properly about the food they are eating, or people are not exactly aware of what type of food will be healthy for them. This is the reason a number or health-related issues are coming up these days among which one major problem is obesity. Today maximum people have a tendency of going towards obesity if they do not take proper care of themselves. People now take out some time from their busy schedule to work out so that they can stay in shape and also stay fit.

But to stay fit, only working out is not the thing. You also require nutrition that comes from the food items. There are many people who follow the guide properly by nutritionists, but there are also some who try to make their own diet chart. Though they may have made a perfect chart as per them, but still many a times, it does not work well. There can be a number of reasons why a diet chart is not working well, and only a professional can guide you with the perfect balance food that you should consume.

But there are some common reasons also that you can have a look at for why your food diet is not working well for you.

Processed Foods

With the rise in technology, the authenticity of anything is getting narrowed. Even you do not have the guarantee that the food you are consuming is pure of not. This is because nowadays food items are processed before they reach you. There was a time when people used to buy grains and vegetables directly from the vendors. But now when supermarkets have come in between to make your buy even simpler, the food processing has increased. In order to keep a food item stay fresh for many days, a number of preservatives are added that can be at times harmful for you. Artificial sweeteners and other items are added to the food items that will obviously not allow you to lose much weight that you have expected.

Restrictive Diets

This is one of the major issues that lead to an unhealthy food diet. There are many people who try to make their own food chart without the help of any kind of nutritionist or expert. People read a number of articles on the internet today from where they can know that what type of food should be avoided to stay healthy. But there are also many food items that have to suit your body in order to work for you. There are also some food items that you are actually missing out, but these can work wonders for you. If you are following such a wrong food diet with many things as restricted then also your diet may not work for you.

Low-quality food

Due to pollution, often the soil gets also polluted. Though maximum farmers use various techniques and chemicals to clean and purify the soil before cultivating, but some of the poor farmers may not have such resources. So, when food items are cultivated in polluted soil, they are not able to extract all the nutrients. Also after processing, these food items already lacking nutrients get even more deficient in nutrient value. Quite obvious if you are consuming food items that are lacking in their nutrients, so in place of having a fit lifestyle you may start getting ill. You may lose weight but in a very unhealthy manner.


In continuation to the above point, today many of the problems are arising due to pollution. When the soil is polluted, not only the nutrient value of the food item is deteriorated. Also, it has increased the number of toxins in it. Not only food, but even you also get toxins in water if it is not purified properly. Even breathing in a polluted environment brings in toxins in your body. Altogether, you are surrounding by toxins, due to pollution. So, this is quite normal that these will have a very bad impact on your health and hence, your healthy food diet also not work well for you.


When you are too much busy, so obviously stress has to come. People nowadays stay ill also due to stress. There are now increased cases of depression and stress each day in the world. It has been found that stress often slows down the breaking of many nutrients in your body and hence, you may not gain their full benefits. So, even if you are eating healthy food, stress can be the major reason why you are not able to get benefits out of all the nutrients there in your food.  Though there many other reasons, but it has been considered that stress is the biggest reason of why a balanced food diet may not work well for you.


As due to adding of preservatives and food being processed, many times the food items lose their nutritional values. This deficiency has to be met by some medicines. So, when you have started a food diet and have noticed that no such change occurs in you, then you should definitely for an expert. The expert will go through your food diet and will recommend you about what are the places you are going wrong. Also, they may suggest you a number of medicines that can act as a supplement for the nutrients that is lacking in your food diet.

Digestion Problem

It is all time not necessary that you can have healthy food and can be fit. There are some food items that you may not be able to digest, and this becomes a problem. If you are consuming a food item but are not able to digest it, then the nutrients from that particular food items do not reach your body. Thus, despite having a very good balanced diet chart, it may not work well for you. This is again the time when you should take help from an expert.


  1. Very important point covered! A lot of people sometimes make mistake of preparing their own diet chart without consulting an expert. You can’t rely on internet for preparing a diet chart as you may have allergies to something and as covered in another point of this article, may be the nutrients are indigestible by your system.


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