7 Reasons Why My Daddy is My SuperHero.


A dad is someone who holds you when you cry, scolds you when you break the rules, shines with pride when you succeed and has faith in you even when you fail.

This Father’s Day, let’s take out some time to consider all the things our dads do for us.

1. For the things he did when I was just a toddler : 


Daddy knew nothing about changing diapers, yet he did his best just for me to stop crying. When my hands were too small, he gave me two of his fingers so I had something to hold on to. He used to make me giggle by blowing bubbles or tickling me. He used to hold a stuffed toy in front of my face and speak in squeals voice for that look of wonder. Despite being a ‘not so good photographer’, I still remember how he used to take out his time to capture every moment.

2. For the things he did when I grew up to a girl of 3 :


He drove me to school, to the mall, and to my friend’s house. He rode kiddie rides with me even though he almost couldn’t fit. He told me bedtime stories. He taught me lessons about life that I could never learn from anyone else.

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3. For the things he did when I grew up to a girl of 10 :


As I grew up, I started to realize that he spends his time and energy working, so his family can benefit from his toils. He takes great pride in his work accomplishments and the ability to financially provide for his family. When I saw him shouting at his employees, I realized that he could be rude and strict to anybody, but to me, he will always be kind and caring.

4. For the things he did when I grew up to a girl of 18 :


When I started shopping, he made sure to make me feel that I was most beautiful even when I chose pastel-colored dresses, and if I took hours inside the dressing room, he patiently waited for me by the couch and then by the cashier. He never understood the fuss about makeup, but he still supported me anyways. He never smiled at any guy I dated, he believes no guy will ever be good enough because no one will be more than he does.

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5. For the things he did when I was sick :

dad caring for sick daughter

I still remember how my daddy used to run everywhere from the doctors to the medical shop, I still remember him enquiring about my health from my mother whenever he came from his office. Just like my mom, he used to stay up all night just to see whether I am comfortable. I remember him bringing fruits and tolerating all my dramas whenever I fell sick.

6. For the things he did whenever I fell apart :


When I came home crying and disappointed from a job interview I longed for, I’ve never seen him more furious because he knew I deserved the job.  He kept me going and made me believe that I was meant for great things. He taught me never to back off. He wanted me to learn how to stand up for myself in case he wasn’t around.

7. For the things you did when Mom scolded me :


Because you used to bring me all kinds of chocolates and take me anywhere to cheer me up. You fight back with Mom whenever she tries to scold me. I love the way you say ” Meri Beti Ko Koi Kuch Nai Kahega”.

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On this Father’s day, I want you to know that I love you more than you’ll ever know. I am so grateful to have a father like you who has devoted himself to life, love and raising children. I am so blessed. I would have never survived without your endless support.

There are 1000 more things to love about you, these are just a few, I LOVE YOU DAD!!!!