7 Reasons to Thank Your Dad on This Father’s Day


Dads are a Treasure! Dads are our first love.. Remember the time when you were little and Dad carried you on his shoulders? Now that you think about it was the right place to be called ‘on top of the world’. Dads are our real superheroes! Here are 7 Reasons why you should thank your Dad on this Father’s Day!


1) They are our Guardian Angels

Dads silently watch over us and secretly protect us from the Big Bad World. They never count on the number of times they’ve put themselves at risk, just to protect us!

2) Compromises that he makes

Giving you his share of ice-cream to staying away from family to earn a living, Dads make so many compromises to give you all kinds of comfort. Fathers go out-of-the-way to give their child all the necessary comforts and luxury!


3) Backbone of our lives

Imagine those of them who don’t have a Father!

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Dads are like the backbone of your life. Life would be so incomplete without this beautiful relation. Dads do so much to make you happy without complaining even once!

4) He loves you unconditionally

No matter how many mistakes you make or how you behave..However you are, at the end of the day your Dad will forgive you and love you the same way. The love he has for you is unconditional.

5) He is your Mentor

Be it career, friendship or relationship, you can always look up to your Dad for the most wise advice. He is always there for you at each step of your life to guide you.

6) Dads are hard like coconuts from the outside but also equally soft at heart

Dads tend to be very strict, they might even scold you (which might be hurtful) but trust me, it is always for your good. No matter how much he scolds you, he still loves you. He might be very strict and reserved on the outer side but he will always be there for you when you need him.


7) Support system of your Family

Dads are a family’s support system. He is always there to listen to all your problems and be as good a secret keeper like a best friend.

Dads believe in you, love you, support you all along your life and always guide you. So take a day to thank and make him feel special by sharing this post with him! 🙂