7 Reasons To Avoid Sex Before Marriage


In olden times having sex before marriage was not even something people considered an option. Nowadays more and more young adults are losing their virginity well before they are married. This not only exposes them to a lot of physical restraints but also affects them psychologically. Premarital sex has been considered a taboo in our society for very long, but it was not only considered so because of the shaming involved around it but also because there are certain benefits of abstaining from sex before marriage.

1. Helps to grow friendship through more open communication

Friendship is the base for any relationship to grow. Without a certain amount of friendship, it is very difficult for a relationship to prosper. But once a couple starts having sex it becomes more physical than mental. They tend to lose that sense of friendship if they have sex too earlier in their relationship. So in order to let a friendship grow and evolve it is best to wait till you are married to your better half. Sex also lessens the amount of communication that takes place in a relationship which again hampers the growth of friendship.


2. Abstaining makes sure the couple uses other ways to show affection

Sex is definitely a great way to show affection as you are at your most intimate and open when you are sharing that intimate moment with your partner. Bur sex is not the only way of showing affection. There are many wonderful ways to make your partner feel special. They should be used more often. If a couple starts having sex too early in their relationship, there is a high chance they will not use other modes to show their love and affection as they start thinking sex is the best and the only way to do so.


3. No one feels undervalued

When a girl reveals her most intimate side to you, there is generally a high level of expectation that arises from that. But most of the time it is seen that a guy might not be able to understand what these expectations are. It is easier not to have too many expectations at the beginning of a relationship than to get hurt when these expectations are not met. When these expectations are not met, there is a high chance that the person will feel undervalued causing them to fight or accuse the other of not being good enough. So by avoiding premarital sex, you can avoid a lot of hurts and psychological damage.


4. The relationship becomes more selfless as sex before marriage is generally an act of pleasing oneself

Sex before marriage is more about pleasing oneself than pleasing your partner. This is very normal. But this can make a part of the relationship very selfish. Later on, when you get married to the person, you might not feel the same urges causing you to restrain from sex as much as possible. This causes a lot of problem in a married life. Once you start having sex after marriage after abstaining till then, you will have stronger urges and will feel much better about doing it with your partner.

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5. In case, the relationship breaks it is much less messy and a bit less painful to go apart

A relationship does not inculcate into a marriage all the time. Breakups are a very common thing these days. When two people who loved each other decide to split there is already a lot of negative emotions attached to the process. In case the couple had been involved in sexual activities it becomes more painful. Sometimes people hold on to a relationship just because they have had sex and not because they still feel the love they had for each other. This makes things worse for the individuals. So it is a good option to abstain until marriage.


6. The guilt that most individuals feel once they have premarital sex can be completely avoided

However open and broad minded our society becomes, we as individuals will still feel a bit go guilt when we do anything that is considered non-conventional by the society. When we know that we will have to bear the crux of questions and finger pointing because of our actions we generally get into a guilt mode. Guilt has a strong negative effect on the brain. So it is best to try and avoid sex till marriage in order to make sure we can stay away from guilt.

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7. There is no chance of undesired pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases

Premarital sex is generally not responsible sex which can lead to accidents of passion. Unprotected sex is a major reason for undesired pregnancy and STDs, which can be avoided by waiting till after marriage to have sex.