7 Quick Tips for Busy Moms Throwing Birthday Parties


Your child will want you to throw them an amazing birthday bash every year. It’s tough when you’re working non-stop. By the time you get home you just want to relax with your family. You don’t want to spend hours (or weeks) organizing things.Thankfully, it’s a lot easier than you might think. Don’t let yourself get stressed out yet. A few cool tricks will make your life simple. Here are some 7 Quick Tips for Busy Moms that guarantee your child will enjoy their party even if you’re really busy.

Choosing a Theme

Every birthday party is always better when it has a theme. The only difficult part is coming up with one in the first place. Does your child have a costume at home? You’ll know which one they like most.


Let’s say your child likes to dress as Superman. You can tell everyone the theme of the party will be superheroes. One of the reasons it’s great is because you won’t need to go out shopping for a costume – instead, you can let your child pick the one he likes the most at an online costume store like Costume Collection.

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A Double Celebration

When a child is young they’ll attend multiple parties throughout the year. They must have a friend with a birthday close to theirs. You can throw a double celebration if they don’t care about getting all the attention.


To be honest, most kids won’t mind having a joint party with a friend. It’s ideal because you’ll only need to do half the work. Write down everything that needs to be done and split it 50/50 with the other parent.

Ask for Recommendations

Will you need to hire a magician to magically appear at the party? Do you think you’ll want a children’s DJ instead? The only thing that matters is how you’ll find the person who will ultimately entertain the kids.


Don’t bother doing any research because you have a large enough network. Your connections will be able to tell you who won’t disappoint. All you’ll need to do is book them in advance to make sure they are available.

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Sending the Invitations

You’re probably used to sitting at a table writing invitations for all their friends. These days you’ll need to do everything digitally. If you want to be really savvy you can create a Facebook page asking people to RSVP.


There will be a few moms and dads who don’t have a Facebook account, so you’ll need to do something else too. Get a company to send digital invitations to the parents you can’t contact through social media.

Who to Invite

Some people will tell you to invite your child’s entire class to their birthday party. Others will tell you it’s a terrible idea. Instead, they should only invite a small handful of their closest friends.


The only people that really matter are their best friends. If you know they’re free it allows you to set a date. Once they are sorted you can ask as many people to come as you want. Don’t worry if they’re unable to make it.

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In the Afternoon

A busy mom can’t be spending ages in the kitchen preparing food for a party. It’s why you should throw it in the middle of the afternoon. Most of the children will already have ate lunch before coming.


By the time they get home, it will nearly be time for dinner. It means during the party you’ll only need to offer light snacks instead of a huge banquet. If you have a tasty chocolate cake none of the kids will complain.

Don’t Stress out About It

The last thing you should be worried about is planning parties when you’re working and running a household. It will have to be done by somebody but follow these suggestions and you’ll have nothing to fear.