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7 ‘Questions’ people will never cease to ask concerning your career


People desperately want to know about other’s lives, isn’t it? The surprising thing is that they are more concerned for other’s children’s career than their own. They interview them about their career opportunities like they are the ones offering the job. One has not even passed class 12th exam, but certainly he or she will find number of people ‘so concerned’ about his or her future.


Been there, done that! The stress of board exams already trying to reach its peak when you are suddenly overloaded with another stress regarding your choice of career (or course). Let’s look into the questions that certainly chew our mind out.


  1. What course are you going to do?

Well, the foremost question that you must have been bombarded with. Right? This is the question you would surely want to avoid at any cost else you will be subjected to series of continuing questions like following.

  1. Why are you choosing this?

Certainly, if you were not smart enough to avoid the first question, this question would have been the one that followed the above. Advice to students who are in ‘the most danger zone’ of being interviewed questions like this one, be ready to have enormous convincing power and patience!

  1. Why don’t opt for another?

Du-uh! People would certainly try to divert you into another direction. They always have more suitable option for you, you know. They know you better than yourself(note sarcasm please). They try their best to reason out why the other choice is better than your choice.

  1. What is the scope of this course in future?

If you have come to this question, well either you have convinced the person that your option is best or you have offended him for his intelligence. Be ready to face the wrath of following questions buddy!

  1. How much do you think you will earn?

Preposterous! If it would have been known, why waste the time in argument? The first question would have been answered as, “I am choosing this course because I am going to earn 25 lakhs a year”. Such a dumb question, isn’t it?

  1. What are your hopes for future concerning job?

Tricky question. Be prepared to answer with utmost care. If you have your goals are difficult to reach, they tell you, you dream high, if not, you dream less.

  1. Don’t you think you dream too big (or not!)?

Certainly not! No dream is big or low.

Piece of Advice -Either try to avoid the first question only to be able to avoid the stress, or just reply, “Folks! My life! My choice!”





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