7 places to visit in Europe


1. London, England

If starting a vacation why not be from a place that is literally related to our history. London not only is where the queen is but is also a place where the people living’s forefathers ruled us for more than 200 years. It is a place of multi- cultural place. One thing to be taken care while staying there is that you walk left and stand right. A night out is must to enjoy the nightlife.

2. Brussels, Belgium

A short train to Brussels is no less pleasant even if it is an under water route. The architecture is such an eye candy that it would be a sheer waste of money and your money to visit this place and take cabs. Always try and walk to places or take open busses to travel and also keep looking at places.

3. Prague, Czech Republic

A train can get you to Prague. You are supposed to then drop all your stuff at a hostel or renting a place from Airbnb is also a good option. You and your family can easily enjoy if you rent an apartment kind of a place. Next step is to put on your walking shoes. If in Christmas time do go to the Christmas market. Czech beer is also something that you must try. One thing to definitely do is the Black Light Theatre.

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4. Vienna, Austria

This is a place to party after travelling and having a long day. The best way is to take a tram to take in the beauty of Vienna. Try going to the churches , opera the very famous Bermuda triangle hope you get out if there soon and the bars and then you can relax at your hostel you have earned it through the day. One thing that is the must is the Prater amusement park’s ferris wheel to see the place from a height.

5. Berlin, Germany

The city is your oyster. The one thing you need to do is the auf Wiedershen that hasn’t been a thing since The sound of Music. There are a plenty of more to Berlin than just waling the lines you should try the clubbing culture and then probably rest at your hostel.

6. Amsterdam, Netherlands

The country is all set to welcome you with tulips. Amsterdam is a known as an inviting city of canals, bicycles and pedestrian. Visit Anne Frank’s house , roam the canals and cafes, stay in a cool hostels.

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7. Paris, France

The city of love why not go there. Do go to the basic “shops” French. Other than having knowledge of all the things the natives really appreciate “bonjour . au revoir and merci. There is no shortage of ways to spend a day in this beautiful city in Paris and no shortage of hostels.