7 places that every newcomer must visit in Kolkata


Kolkata – the city of joy is one such city where dreams never sleep. Roaming about the  city gives real joy and happiness. It is wonderful to see the blend of British and Bengali culture together. The College Street and Esplanade (to name two) are testimonies to it. The hospitality of people here is so amazing. They are helpful, cheerful and generous. The ‘rosogullas‘ and ‘puchkas’ here are so special  that one cannot escape their charm. Dreams are woven and fulfilled every day here. Kolkata sees immense hard work and dedication among its people. To some Kolkata may mean livelihood, to some education, others FUN. But whoever we be, the following 7 places should be  a ‘must visit’ if you are staying in Kolkata for a while.


1.Eden Gardens

Wanna see ‘crowd’, ‘population’, ‘roar of people’ or some around 80 thousand tiny small lives, your favorite celeb or sportstars??? That feeling when you enter the Eden Garden for the very first time is worth a million. The hustle-bustle, the noise, the gigantic lights are so majestic that a newcomer must have seen these before but only in dreams. Even you don’t visit the Eden Gardens but you are living somewhere close to it, you can see the sky brightened up, by its lights, reflecting its glory.

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Maiden Eden- ( pc- Piyush Agarwal)







2.Prinsep Ghat

Looking for peace, silence, romance or some light(as in lantern lights) ? Then Prinsep Ghat is the most suitable place to visit allowing break from the noisy city. Amidst the Hoogly River, boating on it, this place reminds of the beautiful duo of Vidya Balan and Saif Ali Khan’s “Piyu Bole“. The aroma there is of love and affection. A perfect place for an amazing evening with your loved one, boating in Prinsep Ghat should not be missed.

Boating - Prinsep Ghat (pc- Piyush Agarwal)
Boating – Prinsep Ghat (pc- Piyush Agarwal)


3. South Park Street Cemetery

Horror, thrill and adventure are most wanted these days. And if you are looking for one such place, this cemetery would fit right to your needs. The landscape and structure of this cemetery is truly ethnic. This cemetery was said to be haunted. And trust me it is very spooky, even at 9 a.m. in the morning.

A snap taken from the interiors of the museum

The pathway of the cemetery


4. Indian Museum.

As said, “If you want to understand your present you need to understand your past”, Indian Museum provides you with the glimpse of an Egyptian mummy which is ecstatic to watch. It also houses the Buddhist stupa and Ashoka Pillar which is very majestic. The entire building of the museum is well built and well maintained as well, which is very appreciable.

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A snap taken from the interiors of the museum
A snap taken from the interiors of the museum



5.Nicco Park

It is  an amazing place to spend the day with your family and friends. It is indeed one of the best amusement parks in our country. Not only entertainment, the Nicco Park also has some education in store for you, for example the scientific explanations behind the working of every ride, the decommissioned MIG- 21 aircraft. The waterfall, cable cars, toy trains, rain dance, and the nearby bowling alley have significantly attracted visitors and  contributed to its success.



6.Victoria Memorial

Four rupees a ticket and you are actually amidst a beautiful British  creation made of marble resembling that of the Taj Mahal. This was built in the memory of Queen Victoria and hence its name. You can see people from all over the world here who come to see this magnificient example of excellent architecture. A totally photographic place, this is a favorite destination of tourists in Kolkata.


7.Howrah Bridge

The most talked about place in Kolkata, the Howrah Bridge is rich in its own legacy. Most interesting fact of this bridge is that it is devoid of nuts and bolts. It is actually a suspension bridge supported by two pillars. Its construction was a tough job and cost around 25 million rupees. This bridge is one of its own kinds and has found its place in many Bengali and Hindi movies like Love Aaj Kal, Kahani, Barfi, Gunday, Detective Byomkesh Bakshi. It is perhaps the busiest road in the city connecting the city with Howrah Station. Howrah Bridge looks beautiful in the evening and a walk over this bridge is a must for any one in Kolkata.

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We also have the Botanical Gardens, Eco Park, Dakshineshwar Temple, Alipur Zoo, famed Kalighat Temple and many other countless spots. This list is not exhaustive yet it tells you about the top 7 places that I have visited in my one-year stay in Kolkata. As described in the song of Kahaani – ‘Aami Shotti Bolchi‘ – “Kolkata dekho toh baaki duniya bekaar hai”. There is lot to explore here and lot to add to this list. It’s just a guide to the new ones flocking to this  ‘City of Joy’.