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7 Places in Noida where you can eat in less than a 100 rupees


Spending too much on food is something no one wants to do. Unless you are a total food maniac, most of us tend to seek places where you can enjoy as well as eat for the cheapest possible price. What if I tell you, there are seven places in Noida where you can do just that? Check out the list.


  1. Jaipuriya Plaza

This place is easily accessible from both Sector 18 metro station and the Noida City centre metro station. A small shopping complex in Sector 26, Noida, this place is the house to many street food joints as well as various eateries that are ready to tickle your taste buds. You can get everything in this place, ranging from a decent egg roll and paneer tikka to a frighteningly shady hukkah place.

If you are craving some excellent momos, visit the “Chanda Chinese Restaurant” at Jaipuriya Plaza and feel your hunger fade away in less than a hundred bucks, as the title promises.


  1. Brahmaputra Market

One of the more famous places among the decent crowd of Noida, this complex is much more than just food. At the right time in the evening, this place is like a mini haat where you can get almost anything; clothes, books and Perfect Roll cones.

The more crowded and less hygienic places to eat in this market are the temporary vendors, selling tikkas, kathi rolls, chicken tandoori and what not.

It is not tough to find such places in any decent market complex of Delhi NCR region, but the “must try” things of this particular market are the badaam milk (a small bottle for 20 bucks, but I would suggest you not to go by the size of the bottle since the contents are filling like hell!) and the south indian parantha at Laxmi Coffee House. This parantha (coming with one bowl each of curd and some vegetable), at 60 bucks a pop, has the reputation of satisfying munchies of many a stoners. In fact, Laxmi Coffee House is known for its authentic south Indian food. Any dish in this place would cost you very less but would be enough to satisfy you completely.


  1. Any Shawarma Joint

One thin that I rarely ever find outside of Delhi is the delicious Shawarma Roll on the street side. This is a delicious non veg dish, basically a middle eastern preparation of meat. At fifty bucks a piece, this one roll is more than filling for an individual. Finding this is not an issue in Noida. Every place you see a couple of food vendors standing, you can reasonably expect to find a shawarma vendor there. And the best part is, there is no difference in taste of this dish, no matter where you buy it from. Almost ritualistically, this is served with green chutney and mayonnaises, and it tastes like heaven. So, next time!


  1. Sector 18, opposite GIP

Sector 18, Noida is probably the biggest market of Noida. It has everything, from one of the biggest malls in the country to many roadside vendors. From some of the most sophisticated international food chains, to little roadside food shops.

Here, as in most of the bigger markets of Noida, you find the typical cheap roadside food, the kathi rolls, the paneer tikkas and the momos. If looking for a better place to eat, you can really enjoy a nice meal at the Rolls King right opposite the GIP foot over bridge followed by some nice dessert at Donald’s Pastry Shop. Both these places cost you less than hundred rupees a person but are equally amazing. Especially when you want to avoid spending in four digits on food at the GIP mall.


  1. Tea Shop, Sector 37

This is a small shop, so small that it is not easy to spot. But once you do spot it, and try it, you can never forget it. From delicious snacks to amazing flavors of tea and coffee, you just can’t ask for more in this less a price.

This is a nice hub of students from nearby residential colony, and hence is generally crowded. But this can be viewed, if you are an optimist, as a sign of popularity of this place. Their hazelnut cold coffee is undoubtedly the best and the most authentic such coffee you will ever taste. Must try, even if you are in Noida for a day.


  1. Theos, Sector 50

This is, arguably, the best dessert place in Noida. The pastries in this place are heavenly, to say the least, with a price so cheap it is almost unbelievable.

This is the one place which strives to maintain the ambience of the place to the best. Their service, their staff, their shop, everything about them is top notch. And yes, true to the title, you can treat your taste buds to some amazing pastries in less than a hundred bucks.

So the next time you feel for something sweet in Noida, head here. You wont regret it!


  1. Fresh food factory, Sector 3

Coming up at the end of the list, this is the one restaurant that’s kicks everything else in the nuts with the prices! Don’t believe me? Check out the menu.

The fresh food factory gives you the best north Indian meal. Whether you judge it by taste or by cost, this is indeed the best.  You can get full to your neck, and still be left with change for dessert from the hundred rupee note if you dine here. The best part is, they don’t compromise with quality or taste in any way. The food is genuine, the taste is authentic and the prices are unbelievable.



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