7 people you meet during Exams


Exams: an inevitable horror in every student’s life.Exams can bring out the best and the worst among people. These assessments created to torture generations of students can bring out particular traits in people who are quickly recognisable. These are few types we generally notice during exams…

1.The Super Nerds

This is the crop of students who everyone else looks up to during exams.They have notes about every single topic and more knowledge about the subject than the reference book. You will always find them with their books in the hall or in the library. They are most recognisable on the day of the exam, as they’ll eagerly state afterwards, “Kafi accha paper tha” or “That was easier than I expected!”  while everyone else is wondering if they’ll pass.



2. The Dependents:

This category of people are the type who come to the exam hall empty-headed. They have no idea what the syllabus is or what they had to study. They’ll arrive at the exam with notes up their sleeves and prompts written in places you wouldn’t imagine. They are usually dependent on either their cheat notes or the people sitting in front of them. 

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3.The Phantom

You have never seen this person throughout the semester. You never knew he existed till he comes in to give the paper. And by the time you submit the paper *poof* .They’ve disappeared all over again. And the next exam is probably the only time you can steal a glance again.The Phantom it is.tumblr_mbu5cgTrbo1qc8ofbo1_250

4.The Drama Queen 

Most people hate this student, and if you are this student, then you need an intervention in your life. This student blatantly lies about how little they studied till the last-minute and how they are going to fail and how the world is coming to an end. They end up sending you into a frenzy while they themselves come out with flying colours. When they inevitably do well, they have a smug & patronising attitude towards their fellow students. The Drama Queen is a real life troll during exam time.




5.The True Genius 

This is the person who most of us probably envy. They seem to balance their social life, work and studies perfectly. They never appear to be stressed out or studying too much.  They are usually truthful and modest. When they say, “I didn’t really study all that much” and you know it’s true. But you also know that the Genius will walk away having scored an impressively high mark cause of their inborn intellect.

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6. The Perpetual Latecomers  

Here you are wondering what to write for question 1.A when you hear “Ma’am, may I come in?”.
There are always a few late entrants who like a typical Bollywood hero in a climax scene,make an appearance when the rest have started scribbling on their answer papers and are already in panic. The cool cats ..!

7. The ‘Extra Supplement’ wala

“Sir, an extra sheet please” and after a few minutes again. Sounds familiar? This character uses up ‘n’ number of extra sheets while you are busy wondering “God knows what he is writing” what while you struggle to finish the main answer script!(in your largest possible handwriting). This person can push you over the edge when you are already panicking.