7 Myths About Yoga You Must Need to Stop Believing


Myths about yoga do not just hold seasoned yogis back from improving a deeper, more conscious relaxation. There are a lot of yoga myths out there, varying from the violent to the unfounded. Probably you even believe a few of them to be real. Well, it’s time to leave those rumors to the bottom and clear up the misconceptions that encircle this old belief. As we know, that misconception is very dangerous. So one must be aware of everything they are doing. 

Here are 7 myths about yoga which we should clear up from our minds. 

Yoga is Only for Flexible People

You must have ever heard that you require flexibility to practice yoga? That is nothing but a myth. Everybody can perform yoga whether they are flexible or not. We all are not super flexible, but that’s fine, and that is something yoga is considerable at improving stamina and flexibility. Like anything else in energy, development comes with practice.

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Yoga is Just Another Health Trend

Yoga myths like this one that argues yoga is just a fitness sensation that remained around too lengthy, has got to leave. Yes, it has steadily increased popularity over the previous century, but it is clearly no trend. Many yogis have acquired it as a lifelong quest, regularly practicing to enhance, develop and stay balanced.

Yoga is a Spiritual Practice

This is one of those misconceptions encircling yoga that is planted in misconception. From its initial introductions in India, yoga has constantly been linked to Hinduism, still, the method itself is not a belief. While it is necessarily a religious practice, it does not promote worshipping deities.

The More Difficult the Pose, the Better

Some learners are uncertain about beginning yoga because they are worried they aren’t flexible or powerful enough to do specific postures. This stems from the principle that you are good at yoga. You have to be eligible to do the Insta-worthy postures. And that the harder the posture, the better you must be at yoga. This is nothing more than a myth. 

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Yoga is for slim and trims people’s

Similarly, this is nothing more than a belief. Yoga is not just for thin species but for everyone, irrespective of their body. It may be overpowering for you to snatch this shape of training after seeing those vivid posts on Instagram, but think back to how you can do it.

Yoga is too easy

It is a mixture of both simple as well as hard postures. You will be a master of yoga in just 2-3 days. At the same time, others may take months and more than months to be a master. Still, the significant aspect is to practice it every day and question your physique without sacrificing your focus.

​Women must not conduct yoga postures when they are menstruating or are pregnant.

Some cultures assume that women should resist practicing yoga when they are menstruating or are pregnant, as it would be dangerous. Yet, there is no fact in this declaration. It has been discovered that yoga is good in both circumstances. They must do simple steps.