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7 most sold phones in India from year 2001 – Moments reloaded


The cellular revolution doesn’t took much time to take off in India. Thanks to technology for making it so cheap which could be afforded by poor people as well. The rates of calls have brought down drastically. Now a days a person is just a call away. The technology hasn’t seen or forecast the cellular revolution just for mobile communication. The tech companies has tried their level best to include the entertainment elements to attract the customers and make their life much colorful and easy. The consequences of that enthusiasm is what we are today. Mobile phone has become a basic need for every person and one could not think a single minute life without it. Indians are actually entertainment lovers and they eventually want to get more for what they are paying. So here is an interesting list of those 7 phones which were sold more than a hot cake in Indian market.

7) Samsung Galaxy Y 

The first budget smart phone on Android OS launched in 2011. This launching price of this phone was near to 8 thousand which is affordable by all classes. It was those days that Andriod is taking over market and this phone turned out to be the best for the price paid. This phone featured 2 MP camera and 512 MB memory which is not recommended for these days applications.

Samsung Galaxy Y PR shot 2-580-100

6) Sony Ericsson K750

The most successful camera mobile in Indian market. The Cybershot series phones launched by Sony Ericsson were massive hit during the 2006-2009 until the smart phones totally take over the market. This camera featured the first 3.2 MP camera with flash and red eye removal which was considered as killer at that time. It was a proud feeling of owning Sony Ericsson mobiles as they are costly and classy.

5) Nokia 6600

Technically the first smart phone in Indian market. Nokia 6600 has won many hearts and especially its design can’t be beat even today. There were many applications available even there is very limited feasibility on the Symbian OS on which these phones run. Nokia 6600 sported real player, MMS option and especially the Bluetooth feature. Many people has preserved this mobile even if it is not working.

4) Nokia Express music 5200

Those were the days when we were astonished to see the slide phones in the market. Nokia is reportedly the first mobile company to introduce us to the slide phones. This classic piece is every music lover choice. The dual speakers and bass output through speaker has made it favorite among students. The other attractive thing is design which comes with silicon coating in white and red combination.

3) Samsung E1100

The first mobile to introduce Indians to polyphonic ringtones. This phone has also introduced Indians to FM through mobile. The long battery life, sleek design and easy accessibility are the main reasons for this piece to survive in market beating giants.

2) Nokia 3310

The big brother of mobiles. Once you charge the mobile it will last for two days at least. The picture SMS options is one of the major point in this mobile. Well who could forget the classic snake game ? This mobile is still used as a measure to rate the user experience. The most satisfied mobile ever for Indians.

1) Nokia 1100

The baap of mobiles. Nokia has sold more than 2 crore 1100 model mobiles in Indian market. This is the first mobile with the white back light screen. The mobile uses the tower locations and display the that on the home screen. There are many classic options in this mobile. The 1100 is every Indian favorite who still feels nostalgic about the mobile.

So guys, this is the saga, between which mobile are you associated to ?



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