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7 countries with most powerful militaries in the world – You don’t believe the #4 in list.


A country’s power is measured in two ways. One is its economical status and other is it military power. The former factor is dependent on many other things but the latter factor is a well needed requirement for any country to establish its power. Countries are spending a lot on the military forces to excel and enhance. Even though there aren’t war conditions now, all countries are sticking to a note “Be safe than being sorry”. So here is the list of those countries which posses the most powerful military in the world when compared to counterparts.

7) Germany 

Germany is one of the most powerful country in the world and especially in the European Union. It has shown its own mark in war right from the inception of World war 1 and has been to peaks during the World war 2. Germany is the first country to attack with rockets and missiles officially during the Hitler regime. Germany has a total air craft of 925 and a naval strength of 67. Its total military personnel count is 148,996. It has the best in class tanks and aircraft in the world.

most powerful militry

6) France 

France is reportedly having the worlds most advanced aircraft. It has many anti missile aircraft than any other country. France is the one which also has best naval vessels. France is in art of war from world war 1. It has a total aircraft count of 544 and naval strength of 180. Its total active personnel are 362,485. France military is noted as one of the most fast acting military force in the world.


5) The United Kingdom 

The United kingdom has the worlds best naval vessels. They claim to have some special classified weapons which could sprinkle more than 150 bullets in a second. Its total aircraft strength is 1412 and naval vessel strength is 77 in which almost all were designed to carry the heavy aircraft. United kingdom claims to have many technologies which were not exposed to the world.


4) India 

India is having the worlds best Missiles. The missile which India claim to have are the most powerful in the world. The missiles are designed with tracking technology which will trace the enemy even in transit. India has more than a million active personnel on ground. It has 2,000 air crafts and 170 best in class naval vessels. India also have submarines which are equipped with nuclear missiles. India is one country which is spending a bomb on defense from past 5 years.


3) China

China has more than 2  million active personnel on ground which makes it to sit top in that list. China has most advanced tankers which could transit even in ice. China’s recent military parade has established many new weapons that China has in its kiddy. China has a total air craft count as 5,048 and naval vessels a count of 972.

2) Russia 

Russia is the only country which has highest nuclear bombs with it. It has more than 6,000 nuclear bombs which could turn this world into ashes. Russia is the country with the most sophisticated technology. It has its own style of Hovercraft which would transit on both road and water. Russia’s total military personnel strength is 12 lakhs, air craft strength as 4,498 and naval strength as 224. All the aircraft are fighter planes which could carry more than 200 tons of missiles with them


1) United States 

United states is the most powerful army in the world. It has the world best technology and is counting more and more. It has shown its mark in the second world war itself by planting bombs on Japan. United state has 1.5 million active personnel. Its aircraft count is 15,456 and naval vessel count is 290. United states has some special military forces like seals who are made to defeat.



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