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7 most corrupted countries in the world – Check where does India stand in the list ?


Corruption is a main obstacle for any country growth and development. It is the most down and immoral thing a government personnel or organisation can do to its country’s citizens. Corruption need not be happen in the public and government sectors, it might even happen in the private sector too, but the name is different there. Many developments are being submerged and trodden with the corruption involving it. Many lives are put to end due to the corruption. Corruption is considered to be a serious threat to the country. Every other country in the world wants development and its government should work towards it with self respect. Well, here is the list of those countries which stood in top 7 in the world.

7) Turkmenistan 

Corruption Score : 17

This country shares it s borders with dangerous countries like Iran, Afghanistan and Uzbekistan. Though the country has a secular democracy major money dealings will be dealt by the government personnel. This  had given them to seed up all people’s money. The foreign investment in this country is absolutely Zero. The presidential ruling have imposed people with many taxes. This country is blessed to have large crude oil resources, but still all of them are under the dictatorship of government.

6) Iraq

Corruption score : 16

Iraq was once a rich country due to its vast abundant crude oil resources and special agricultural crops. The second invasion of America in last 15 years and back out of the forces has left a power vaccum in the country. There were huge fights for the power between sunnis and Shiates. The entry of ISIS from syria has madeit much complicated. The mere interference of America and European countries in the internal affairs has left the country to uncertain.

5) South Sudan 

Corruption Score :15

South Sudan is the most youngest countries in the world. The partition which was made with out any prior knowledge and irregular distribution of resources and wealth between the countries has cornered the country. South Sudan is one such country who’s development is darken.

4) Afghanistan 

Corruption Score : 12

Afghanistan is probably the one country which is in history from many years. The country is now in terrible uncertainty. The country’s vast resources were invaded and are been exploited. The president of the country is notoriously corrupt. The economical system is also deeply hurted by the drug dealing as this country is considered as heaven if Heroin. All these things have made the country to loose its roots.

3) Sudan 

Corruption Score : 11

After splitting into two countries Sudan has been in a state where it couldn’t even afford the salary to its government personnel. The country is the same even before partition. 80% of the country economy is from the crude oil export. The companies have made the instability as their weapon and has exploited the major resources a lot. It is surveyed that more than 70%in Sudan leaves under poverty. This is the reason for much corruption in the country.

2) North Korea 

Corruption Score : 8

North Korea is the country under dictatorship from many years. After the korea being split into two countries, south korea has taken the democracy and North Korea has stick to Dictatorship. Its dictator Kim Jung Un is one of the most dangerous person the world has seen.The country fails to produce fuel and food for its citizens too. Though the country gets grants from china, it spends more on weapons. So lack of social programs have made the country as one of the most corrupted.

1) Somalia

Corruption Score : 8

Somalia is the poorest country in the world. The government has totally failed to take care of the basic needs of its citizens. Somalia is also the country which has highest malnutrition. This shows how pathetic the government is looking at the citizens

Well India is not so far in the list. It occupies 85th position in the 175 countries list. Let us expect that our country will be that country where we wont even listen to the word Corruption.



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