7 most beautiful islands in the world


“Island living means having a front row seat of nature’s performance” said A. Merhing while writing a verse elucidating the eternal beauty of an island. I couldn’t have rather agreed more.
The mushy peaceful environment, greenery,  surrounded by water and the peaceful music of waves hitting the island with even peaceful vocals given by the chirping of birds  ! What a serendipity !  And what if the island turns out to be one of the most beautiful ones ? Aaaah ! Pure elation !

Here, I bring to you the list of the 7 most beautiful islands in the worlds and brief you with their charisma.
7. Isle of Palms, South Carolina

300 ocean blvd isle of palms, sc 29451
Situated in the United States and spread across a total area of 14.4 km sq, the island has roughly a drive of about 20 minutes to Charletson. The island continues to be a gateway for affluent Southern  vacationers since the 19th century. Distinguished because of  scenic marshlands and long stretches of Atlantic beachfront, the island also attracts people because of the fun in golf playing and fishing it provides. Another key attraction to this island is the picturesque Wild Dunes Resort located  here. As I mentioned earlier too, the Isle of Palms continues to be a magnet to people with real deep pockets and so is this resort. This resort is one of those rare found places that you can make all your own. If you are one of those people with a laid back, easy going lifestyle, this is the place for you my friend. It is one of the best places out there to gear down from a hectic lifestyle, sunbathe and chill. It’s one of the most photogenic islands too. Once you’ve done your obligatory sunbathing and beachcombing at the Isle of Palms County Park Beach, head to nearby Charleston, a 30-minute drive away, which has historic sites, landmarks, shopping districts, golf courses and family attractions like The South Carolina Aquarium and Fountain Walk, a new dining, entertainment and shopping complex nearby.

6. British Virgin Islands

downloadConstituted of more than 60 idyllic islands, the British Virgin Islands are the perfect place for those vacationers who seek adventure and a fun filled activity based vacation !The crystal clear turquoise waters offer mesmerizing thrilling diving, fishing, sailing and swimming. With the 60 constituent islands being celebrated for different reasons . the British Virgin Islands hold a special place in trip advisor’s list for people who want to see everything at a go. Some island offers a completely different fluke of nature’s bounty in the forms of beaches, while some other gifts a photographer with his best captured sunset. The beauty of being on this island lies in the fun of sailing from one island to the other ! It makes ones heart surely skip a beat watching those coconut trees shade the beaches so perfectly.
5. Frisian Islands, Germany

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Amid the Wadden Sea there stands this low-lying chain of 13 islands from 3 to 20 miles off the northern European mainland. With its grass-covered dunes, shifting sands, birds, seal colonies, lighthouses and rugged cliffs, you’d imagine Germany’s Frisian Islands to be the domain of mettlesome nature lovers. If looked at deeply, these islands top the list of islands  of the German elite. You’ll find those resplendent designer boutiques housed in quintessential reed-roofed cottages, gleaming luxury automobiles jamming the car parks, luxurious accommodation and some of the country’s most extravagant restaurants on the island. If you are that person with a king’s ransom to be spent “not so frugally” on a vacation, a trip to Frisian islands is what you are going to cherish throughout your life. While taking a trip to the Frisian islands, one has to just bear in mind the weather. Statistics tell their own story of changeable conditions. Although the island witnesses only  fifteen days a year  free of prevailing westerly winds that can blow gale-force even in summer, the islands bask in 1750 hours of sunshine a year.

4.Skiathos & Sporades, Greece
Encompassing a total area of about 50 km sq in the northwest are of the Aegean Sea, the island is renowned for its coastline indented with inlets, capes and peninsulas. If you are thinking of how to reach out to this secluded place, there is an infallible way out. There is a regular boat service to the island and the rest of the Sporades islands with departures from Volvos and Agios Konstantinos (Two of the major coastal port cities of Greece). Coming to the beauty, Skiathos, the most cultivated island in the Northern Sporades is a paradise on Earth in its true sense. The profuse pine forests and the clear and clean azure waters are two factors which despite being absolutely normal soothes the tourist’s eyes the most. Despite the exuberant tourism this island attracts, it’s really commendable how the island continues to be unspoilt and irreproachable.  Blessed with a total of 60 clean and breathtakingly beautiful beaches, the island holds extreme pride to be a father island to Koukounaries, which is celebrated to be the 3rd most beautiful beach in the entire Mediterranean. When you further pry into the perky nightlife the island offers, it comes naturally why the number of young tourists is burgeoning here !

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 3. Maldives
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The official website of Maldives tourism says- “Welcome to the Maldives, where sands are white as smiles of the locals ,where fish swim happily in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, where the weather is a dream and the deep rays of the sun wait to engulf you in their arms”. I doubt I could give a better and a more candid eulogy to the island. Located in the Indian Ocean, the island nation is purely a delight to be in. Synonymously called “the tropical paradise”, the island excels in maintaining the reputation. Maldives is an island country with separated islands by the means of the sea.
Sea covers for about 99% of the Maldives and that is where it takes the cake. The pièce de résistance of Maldives undoubtedly is the sea it is situated in. Rich marine flora and fauna are another feather in the hat to the island. It is for this quality of the sea water and the diverse marine life that it is often said that diving in Maldives is an experience of its own kind. Almost all islands in the Maldives are surrounded by beautiful pure white sandy beaches. Apart from the nature’s soothe provided, one gets in terms with the beauty of nature ! On a glance from distance, you find green flourished trees before anything else. The coconut palms are so beautiful- fresh and of vivid hues of browns and greens. Maldives is a place where even if you have nothing much to do, you won’t get bored even by walking in the soft white sandy beaches, leaving the marks of your footprints. I guess it is for these reasons why the island is an all time favorite honeymoon destination.


 2.Mo’orea, French Polynesia
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Located 7 kms northwest of Tahiti, Mo’orea is a high island in French Polynesia. Several ferries go to the Vai’are wharf in Mo’orea daily fromthe Tahitian capital , Pape’ete.Also, there is Air Mo’orea which takes the passengers to the island from Tahiti in less than 10 minutes. Getting near the island, it magically soars out of the ocean in the form of exploded green velvet. A wide, shallow lagoon circumambient the island’s vertical mountains where poetic threads of waterfalls topple over fern-softened cliffs. Peaceful meadows flanked by  pinnacles of green will fill your senses and make you fall in love with nature.Pastel-painted houses surrounded by gardens of hibiscus and birds of paradise, circle the island in a fantasy of happy, yet simple villages. Once you get to Mo’orea, the list of excursions have no end- take an island tour, a lagoon cruise or shark watching ; Everything will simply elate you !

1.  Maui, Hawaii
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If you are that person to whom watching a sunrise atop of a 10,000 ft volcano appears invigorating, swimming under waterfalls, hiking through craters and luxuriating on white, black and red- sand beaches sounds shear paradisiacal, Maui awaits my friend ! Apart from this, there is so much to see in the island. 10,023 ft above the Maui, towers the Mt. Haleakala, the perfect place to witness ecologically diverse terrains like striking volcanic landscapes, backcountry trails and subtropical rainforest zones. Road to Hana, Ho’Okipa beach park, Iao valley state park, O’heo Gulch pools and Makena state park are the key attractions of the island.Also, it is often observed that people from distant places who have visited Maui once as an island trip, repeatedly tour the same to cover these key attractions specially.
it is for these reasons that Maui tops the list of the best and the most beautiful islands. Maui has bsolutely got no match in terms of the beauty it possesses and the thrill and fun it offers. Maui continues to be the best in its kind for quite some obvious reasons.