7 Facts That Prove You’re a Genius


Be it Albert Einstein or Thomas edition, they all have proved their intelligence with various unique inventions done in the past decades. Taking the invention of mobiles to the inventions of aircraft, the destiny would not have been possible without genius people like them.

Taking the 21st century, we do have a lot of intelligence within ourselves but the only thing that is left is the hunger to find ourselves.

In this busy world, people are so engaged in their work that they do not have time to think something innovative but they do have a genetic mind inside them that proves that they are capable of doing something.

See some of the qualities that genius people have:

1. Learning management


Whenever you find yourself or people around you very good at managing their things and stuff, they can be categorized into the class of genius.

They are good at the management of financial as well as physical resources which proves that they are really intelligent and clever. In short, they use their mind very cleverly in putting things at the right place at the right time.

That is the quality of genius people who knows what to do and what not to do, where to go, and what type of environment suits them and adjusting to it.

2. Clever and smart


These might seem to you the basic quality of people who are smart but there is something special in those people which they can use to their use.

Genius people know how to treat people and how to be treated. Believe it or not, if you are searching for internships, no wonder they are doing internships at the top MNCs of the world.

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They have their style of walking and talking with people and got a jazz style. They are very cool and less tensed because now we know that there is no result in tensions. The more you take tension, the more you will lose your hair.

3. May not be time consistent

steve-jobs-motivational-quotes-business visionary apple

Don’t be in a misjudgment that if someone is not time regular, he is foolish. It is not necessary that every genius should be time consistent because of the fact that it simply doesn’t have a major connection with success and intelligent people.

Some people are very hardworking, dedicated, and always ready in time to do something but what matters the most is that they are not independent. They are building the dreams dreamt by some other person but not themselves. This is not the characteristic of genius people.

4. Deep thinker


They are a deep thinker which means that everything is not meant to be taken easily but there is something that needs to be given a thought.

Take it a case of anything says opportunities, I am sure anyone will think carefully before joining a company but genius people always know what’s right to do.

They are very well aware of the top companies which will benefit them and I am sure it will give them value but generally, people just check on the company and are easy to work which may not turn out to be a beneficial one for them.

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5. Less talkative


Talkative people are very boring which is very obvious if you have friends like that but check the example of people who are smart but talk very little to people and fewer people.

It is because of the fact that someone said that talk to only those who you will give a hand to your plans otherwise it is of no use to befriend them. This has been very successfully depicted by the leaders as they too know the value of time and completed their tasks accordingly.

It is good to talk less and work more which I believe everyone accepts the fact because, at the end of what you have done, the only thing that would matter is work that you have performed regardless of your talks.

6. Knows how to show your skills


Genius knows the value of the skills that they have and how to showcase their talent. Be it India’s talent show or any performances, people have not left any chances or opportunities that have come to their way to succeed.

Some have an interest in music then some have in games; they all try to make their way to grow which is the quality of a genius. Whatever the reason behind doing something is, what matters is the value that you gain from that activity which can be done by a genius only. They know how to interpret a game and work on that.

7. Top in studies

Shah Faisal, The first topper from Kashmir, India
Shah Faisal, The first topper from Kashmir, India

Genius people have a good habit of topping their academics. They know everything though they might not have studied hard because of their general knowledge.

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You will see that many of your classmates don’t score good marks after studying so hard but taking the example of genius people, they know that it takes a lot of knowledge which they gain on a daily basis are coming to their use in their academics.

Knowingly or nor, they will always score good percentages in academics if not top and in another activity also, they are very much good at these activities. If you go through their CVs, you will find many interesting facts about them that you might not have wondered.

There are some of the qualities of genius that I suppose is true in every case. If you are genius, find your ability and do that to show the world and your capability should not be hidden somewhere inside yourself.

Open up as much as you can because there is no perfect time to open up and expose yourself to the environment. So folks if you find yourself in any categories mentioned above, that only means that you are a genius but to be honest every person has an intelligent mind within themselves but it needs to find and show the world.