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7 Easy Ways To Eat Healthy


When one speaks of “Healthy”, the first thing that comes to people’s mind is “Not Fat”. Definitely, by healthy we mean “fit” and not “fat”, but that doesn’t mean that a thin person is always “healthy”. “Healthy” means a proper nutritious body which doesn’t suffer from any abnormalities also can be termed as “diseases”. A body that is neither over nourished nor undernourished. With the regular daily exercises with food has a great contribution towards making the body “Healthy”.

Let us look at 7 very healthy food habits that may help in achieving proper “Health”:

The Breakfast:

Many people have the habit of skipping the breakfast. They think that they will anyways eat at lunch. This is the worst habit one can develop. The breakfast is by every way the most important meal of the day. After sleeping the night, the stomach is just ready to have its deserved food after 8-12 hours. If it is deprived of it, it leads to gas, bloating and over eating in the lunch. Also, the rest of the day would be too dull as the body is deprived of its energy building nutrients in the morning itself.

Welcoming greens and reds:

A lot of green and red would definitely maintain your body’s nutrition to its deserved amount. These two coloured vegetables are sources of various vitamins, like that of Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin D, etc. Various leafy vegetables will definitely help you with your bowel, skin and hair and even memory problems, while the reds can protect your eyesight, help clear the toxicity of your body. The blood will remain purified with an immense supply of oxygen to your lungs. With green, we also mean “green tea”, which is also very famous for maintaining health already.

Eating small:

Eating small quantities at intervals is one of the biggest criteria that miss people’s attention. Small quantities can help us in various ways. It helps increase the appetite. It also helps develop better digestion. The digestive system can very easily digest small quantities of food and keeping up with it at regular intervals, will keep it working. It saves us from gas or bloating, as by no means is the stomach remaining empty. This also thus helps in eliminating the risk of over-eating at one go, which may lead to accumulation of fat in the body.

Adopt the concept of fruit salad:

Fruit salad is the term used here as one type of fruit may successfully make you lose interest and you may not get a few fruits every season. With fruit salad, your taste buds will get a jingle and you would never get bored. Various kinds of fruits are enriched with nutrients, like those of Vitamin B, B12, D, C, etc. Consuming a lot of fruits will keep your skin hydrated and will kill your unnecessary hunger. It will successfully add fibre to your bowel and thus will decrease the possibility of ‘piles’ or ‘fistula’ too.

Drink lots of Water:

And definitely a lot of it. The minimum requirement of an adult body is 3 whole litres of water a day, and this can give you best health benefits. It helps improve your digestive system. Water causes hydration to your skin and body thus saving it from unnecessary drying and bleeding. Water is one big reason why the toxins in your body get easily flushed off. Consuming a lot of water is the reason why your kidney functions well. Water helps us from the formation of stones which are caused by the accumulation of toxins.

Increase the fibre content:

The more the fibre content, the healthier would your body be. Fibres help the body maintain a great bowel system. It helps protect your body from constipation and anal bleeding. Fibres help enrichment of your muscles and definitely help your heart remain healthy. Introducing whole wheat flour in your diet will help with the increase in fibre. Various fibrous fruits also help you with the increase in fibre content of your body. Having fibre daily should definitely come in your to eat list.

Balance your proteins and your carbohydrates:

It is extremely necessary. Always consume a big portion of protein along with your less quantity of carbohydrates to fill your stomach. Both one or the other way will provide you with energy. Protein will help you with the repairing of wear and tear of tissue and muscles while carbohydrates will break down to provide you with energy. Excess of both will be a problem as the body will take only what it needs and the rest will be stored leading to fat formation.

With this entire list of food habits, one can very successfully and easily maintain a healthy and a nutritious life.



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