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7 different foods that help you in increasing your sex life


You must have heard at some point in time about food items that are good for increasing your sex life. You must have seen various advertisements at various places about certain medicines and other medical aids for this case. But many of you also think about the side effects of these medicines and hence do not think of trying these medicines. In reality, you are not wrong; obviously medicines can be harmful if it is taken without a proper prescription.

Do you know there are many natural food items also that helps in improving your sex life? These are natural ways that do not have side effects, unlike the medicines. It has been noticed that opposite of certain food items such as cheese and fries, there are many others that makes you active.

But here also you should take care to avoid the packed items, as naturally available items are much beneficial that the packed ones.


Surely, you will be thinking how onions can be possible when it provides bad breath. But it has been medically proven that onions are very effective in increasing the level of the hormone testosterone in your body. Since ancient days in India also onions has been discussed and has been related to sexual energies. Monks are strictly said to avoid onions due to this reason only that onions helps in building up a number of semen.

Ayurveda has also offered onion juice as a tonic for people who wish to increase their libido. Thus, if you are in need of a natural way to improve your sex life, here is one very easily available food item for you that you can consume in several ways.


Garlic is not only a medicinal remedy for cold and many other health issues. It has been found beneficial also in increasing the sex energies in your body naturally. It is said that garlic contains allicin that helps in increasing heat in the body that helps you to fight against cold. It also increases the level of testosterone in your body that ultimately leads to improved sexual life.

Garlic has been studied by many experts as a remedy for various health issues and most importantly for increasing stamina and also sexual energy. Bodybuilders often consume garlic for great muscles and stamina. People, who wish to improve their sex life, have again another easily available food item that can be consumed easily in different ways.

Cayenne Pepper

Normally, you add cayenne pepper for a spicy taste in your food. But very few people are aware of the fact that cayenne pepper is equally capable of adding spice to your sex life. Pepper contains capsaicin that provides heat to the body. Similar to garlic, this heat generated on the consumption of pepper, not only increases blood circulation in the body but also increases the level of the hormone testosterone in your body. A very interesting fact about pepper is also that it has an instant effect, and hence you can try having pepper when you are in your best mood with your partner.


This is now quite a known fact that dates also create a great sexual arousal in humans. This is because dates have amino acids that help in increasing sexual stamina. It is also a very beneficial food item for people who suffer from cold and also for people who need stamina. It is said that if dates are consumed with milk, it offers strength to your body and also is a great source increasing your testosterone level.

Also, dates are used many times while getting intimate. Many people think dates to be quite provoking as they melt slowly in your mouth. So, dates are taken to be in this list not only because they are beneficial for your sex life but also it can be great piece while you are enjoying private moments with your partner.


Another fruit that is similar to dates is a fig. This is also known to be aphrodisiac like dates as because its appearance, aroma and flavor are quite sensual in nature. Also, it contains also amino acids similar to dates that are good for increasing sex energies in you. The best thing is that you do not have to prepare any recipe or cuisine to eat them. Simply you can consume them directly, but, of course, you should know your limits.

Similar to dates, figs can also act a great companion of your when you are about to get intimate with your partner. While you are sharing an intimate and private date with your partner, try offering and eating figs. Figs have the quality of making your romantic situations even more sensual.

Goji Berries

According to many experts and researchers in the Asian countries, Goji berries are one of the best ways of increasing the level of testosterone in the human body. Like figs and dates, Goji Berries are also consumed raw as per your wish. You can sprinkle some of the berries on your salads, cereals or can also eat them just like that.

Goji Berries are not available at all the parts of the world and hence, it is not possible to consume these berries by everyone. But now, if not fresh, still you can get these berries in dried form in the market. You may not like eating the dry berries alone, so you can add them to your salads and cereals for consumption. However you consume these berries, they will definitely prove to be an effective way of increasing your sexual energies.

Fatty Fish

Fishes that are high in fatty acids such as omega 3 are very much beneficial for people who wish to increase their sexual energies. Some of such fishes that you can consume are salmon, mackerel, and tuna. These fishes also have an amino acid named as L-arginine that also acts as a natural Viagra. So, next time when you think about having any Viagra pills, try out eating some grilled salmon or tuna sandwich first. You will get the same effects that the artificial medicines would have on you.


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