7 Criteria for Selecting a Top-Rated Paper Writing Service


From the moment you start in academia, you face a necessity to be exceptionally productive in writing endless academic papers. All of them should be fully original, written according to the professor’s requirements, and based on up-to-date information. When you only start in college, for example, it seems possible, as you promise yourself that you will organize your time efficiently and deal with all the writing assignments on your own. However, soon the reality steps in and you need to hand out some your papers to experts from writing service. The market of academic writing help is huge, and you should be attentive when choosing the most suitable company. Here are some tips you may find useful.


This Service Is Widely Used by Your Friends

It is nice to be a pioneer and find new quality services not used by others from your circle. However, it may not be the best strategy to pay to have a paper written for you by someone professional. It is better not to waste much time on search and trials, if your friends have a service in mind they are fully satisfied with. Ask for references, but don’t forget to ask in details about the services provided as something that is good for your friend (like urgent papers) may not be relevant to your situation.

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This Service Is Not a Newbie

We are all for the new services with their enthusiasm and low prices. However, if you look for something respectful and guaranteed you should find an experienced service. Two or three years in the market are enough for a writing service to either collapse or create all the standard business processes and form the team of efficient writers. More experienced agencies are somewhat more expensive in general, but the difference is not dramatic.


This Service Has Affordable Prices

Don’t let marketing specialist trick you into ordering something you can’t normally afford. Writing services are not exclusive anymore and average, reasonable price is a must. Of course, there are suspiciously cheap service which you should avoid, unless they offer some papers on sale for some very short period and you are lucky. In general, the rule is this – count an average price for your paper using online offers and don’t offer from service which price difference is more than 10% from the average.

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This Service Offers a Progressive Delivery Option

If you need any paper more than six pages long, we recommend using a Progressive Delivery Option, even though it will add about 10% to the final cost. Using this option you protect yourself from unpleasant surprises and pay for an extended paper in installments. If an agency you think of is not ready to offer you a Progressive Delivery Option, it is better to choose another service.


This Service Works Around-the-Clock

You should have an opportunity to address this service twenty four hours seven days a week. You don’t need an agency that works only in business hours. This seems like a minor matter when you order your paper in advance, but if it comes to revising it in the last moment late at night, you will definitely appreciate 24/7 service.


This Service Comes with Guarantees

Your experience should be guaranteed. For example, you should rest assured that’s according to a clearly stated Confidentiality guarantee, your personal information will never be disclosed to the third parties. Timely delivery and 100% originality of content should be guaranteed as well. You also should be directly informed about the the revision and Money Back policies.

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This Service Is Friendly and Supportive

For many, this part is irrelevant. However, we find it important for service managers to be positive and supportive, because buying papers online is often combined with stress, and you don’t want more stress coming from people you pay to deal with your current writing challenges.