7 countries with Highest Average IQ in the world – Check where India stands


A country with good average IQ citizens is a boon. They will contribute a lot for the country development and well being. The average IQ of the country is assessed with many average tests on its citizens. IQ of the citizens has been influenced by many factors like the quality of practical education and practicality in teaching. Country which has citizens with good IQ would also stop relying on other countries for technical solutions and responsibilities. Well, the following list of countries will give an insight about those countries which has good IQ levels and are doing extremely well with development.

7) Austria 

Average IQ : 102

The European union is well known for its inventions and contributions for the modern society. Austria has been that center of inventions right from industrial revolution in European continent. The well established primary education and a high quality in teaching right from primary level has made its citizens to have IQ more than the average level. The well motivated government and awareness in every citizen about the education are added reasons. The Austria government believes that their citizens are their capital of investment in new ventures.

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6) Netherlands

Average IQ : 102

This country’s economical and political stability are one of the reasons for good IQ. The government has imposed a compulsory education for the children between 5-16 years which has made every individual to have some basic knowledge on everything. This country is densely populated with outsiders who have contributed a lot for science and technology. This country is also hub for smart roads and smart houses which are standing as an inspiration for the budding scientists in the country.

5) Singapore 

Average IQ : 103

The country which has been devastated after world war 2 is now one of the most stable economy in the world. One should admit that the things happened with Singapore has given them that zeal to learn new things and excel in the competition which was done for survival. The country follows compulsory education and encourages every other individual towards research


4) Taiwan 

Average IQ : 104

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Taiwan engineers are well known for their hard work and intelligence. The curriculum of Taiwan involves much practical understandings than the theory. The world class hitech industries are making it much easier to students to achieve their thoughts. It is noteworthy to know that Taiwan students has done extremely well in many international competitions.


3) Japan 

Average IQ : 105

Japanese are well known foe their technocrat knowledge. They encourage students to do projects right from the child hood. The exams in Japan mainly concentrate in problem solving and understanding. Digital education is implemented in almost all levels, this has become one of the reasons for their students being one of the best in world.

Hozo-mon gate and 5 stories pagoda of the Senso-ji Temple in the Asakusa district of Tokyo, Japan illuminated at sunset. Senso-ji Temple, also known as Asakusa Kannon is the most important of Tokyo temples. Its history starts in the year 628 when a shrine dedicated to Kannon, the Buddhist goddess of mercy was first errected. In 645 was transformed into a temple by Shokai. The ancient buildings were destroyed during the world war 2, but they have been reconstructed according to original plans. HDR image.

2) South Korea

Average IQ : 106

The innovation hub of the world. It is said that atleast 2000 patent applications will be received from South Korea every month and most of them are from students. The country’s technology advancements and citizens known to be most hard working in the world has kept the South Korea in a respectable place in the list

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1) Hong Kong 

Average IQ :107

The Hong Kong education system is the world’s second best and this country stands first in implementation. The country being populous has opened up doors for many opportunities and  chances to excel in the competition from the outer world. The Hong Kong is definitely an inspiration for many other countries.


Well India stands in 25th position. The country with enormous human resources is still struggling hard. It is time for government to think and review our education system.