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Top 5 Country Girls Who Like Indian Men


Indian guys are seemingly proving themselves world wide. Say it in being intelligent or being wealthy Indians have their own brand and image. They are well known for their hard-working nature and respectful behavior. Indians are proving to be champs overseas. Thanks to two new CEO’s of India to two main tech giants of the world, this has eventually added more value to Indians and especially Indian guys.

There are many countries Indians are flying every year in search of livelihood and new home. An interesting online survey has been conducted on these country’s girls regarding their view and opinion on Indians. These girls have close relations and interactions with Indians day to day whether it could be either in work or in studies whatever. The results were really shocking and encouraging for Indian guys. Thrilled to know more ?? Then go on.. !!

List of 5 country girls who fancy Indian guys – Guys time to pack your luggage

5) Russia 

Indians usually go for medicine-related studies to Russia. The MBBS admissions in Russia actually don’t have tough entrance as we have in India. No doubt that major cities in Russia have a good number of Indian guys. Russian girls seem to be very impressed with the helping nature and respect towards them by Indian guys. Russian guys are usually very rude and they don’t bother their girlfriends too. Well, the most shocking part is Russian girls fancy Indian guys who are shorter than them for obvious reasons. Ahem, ahem.. somebody is smiling! Do you guys want my suggestion to find Russian girls in India? Comment below!

4) Philippines

This country is also providing many options for Indian students who want to pursue medicinal related courses and the Philippines is well known for its physiotherapist courses. Philippines girls like the talkative nature of Indians and the not so black and not so white complexion of Indian guys. They especially fancy the guys with a sharp nose and a good smile. If you are thinking that Philippines girls are not beautiful we would suggest you google once. Dude they are really wowwwww… !!

3) Malaysia 

Many Indians are working in Malaysia. Malaysia is actually a Muslim country giving equal importance to Buddism and Hinduism as well. Malaysia girls like the secular culture in Indians. They fancy the guy with good height as Malaysians are not that taller. Malaysia girls also like the friendliness and easy to mingle nature of Indian guys. Guys, they seem to be really serious about us.

2) Thailand

Our favorite place for a business conference. Thailand girls like the spending nature of Indian guys. They also like the value they give to their wives and children as they always carry their pictures in pockets and call to their family members. They like the Indian marriage system and tradition.  Though they know many guys come to Thailand to have fun cheating their wives, Thailand girls still say that Indian guys are far better than their country fellas. So guys who are joining for Bangkok for me.

1) Pakistan 

Well as expected, thanks to Sania Mirza as they consider her as one of the role models there. Pakistani girls are really interested in Indian guys. They think they are cool and good. However, they are very strict regarding the caste and not ready to accept other caste guys. The other factor here is they feel that India is one such place where women were given the utmost importance in the family which actually doesn’t happen in Pakistan.

So guys, do comment and let us know which country you are planning to go. Go on… !!


  1. PAKISTAN ???? lol not a single women in Pakistan give a sht to indian guys. Though i doubt about other nationalities as well, its INDIAN women who drool on pakistanis open your eyes see the track record and STOP LYING IN SELF CREATED BLOGS

    • Fucking paki pig. I know for a fact paki girls eying for Indian men cause you guy treat’em like fuck dolls. And for Indian girls, they know paki men as terrorists. So stop your BS. Even muslim indian will never marry paki.

  2. Indians are broad minded. Pakistanis and Muslims are conservative and incompatible with all others. We shouldn’t have any relations with them… Those terrorists and uncivil people. Indians should be very careful. Indians are thousand times better in culture. I feel Pakistani women are cursed

  3. I thought that as I am an Indian man, the whole world has already declared me as a potential rapist. I am glad that there are some women who would not mind to be with us, unlike our own Indian women. Its much better to be with non Indian woman than to be with an Indian woman.

  4. I don’t mean to sound like a turd but although it is a fact that these countries do have Indian men married to local girls, I think it is stretching the truth way too much to imply that these countries got the hots for Indian men. If you are a nice Indian guy who knows how to treat a woman the way the woman would like to be treated, no matter where your from, they will “fancy” you. But to imply that vast majority of the women in these countries “fancy” Indian men is debatable. In Malaysia, I lived and worked there 10 years, it is most likely the local Indian women that would fancy an Indian guy. Intermarriage between an Indian and other ethnic groups are very rare. Indians in Malaysia tend to marry within their culture or in some cases, expats working in KL. In Singapore, I would say the same. In Thailand, I cannot say since I never stayed there for any lengthy period of time, but I can say that Thais tend to date westerners. But I do have a female Thai friend married to a Malaysia -Indian. But this Indian guy is more westernized than most of the Indian local population of Malaysia. In the Philippines, I’m not sure where they got the data but I can say that Indian men in the Philippines do not have the best of reputation. Filipinos have certain negative stereotypes that tend to give Indian men bad reputation. There are some who are married to Indian but not as “common” as implied by this post. There are still more Filipinas married to Japanese ot Korean or Westerners. But admittedly, I have a couple of Pinoy friends who are married to a Malaysian-Indian. In Vietnam, I think this is another country whose “demand” for Indian men is debatable.. Vietnamese women from my experience and understanding from locals, fancy Japanese men/women, Chinese or Westerners. They even have a saying for what a perfect life is in Vietnam, it goes “Marry a Japanese, eat Chinese food and live in a Western House”, something like that.


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