7 Bollywood Movies that teach you life lessons


Well, there are many of us who don’t like the usual Bollywood drama while there are many others who are crazy fans of it. Perhaps, they get the gist of these movies! There are a lot of hidden meanings in these movies.. here are some of my favorites

1) Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani

This is the ultimate movie for all youngsters that sums up most of the life lessons one needs for survival. The movie created a lot of hype among the youngsters and it was totally worth it!

“Chase your dreams”, most of us are moved by this. In fact, I say, chase your dreams irrespective of what they are. There are going to be many obstacles in your way, but when your will is strong.. nothing can stop you from reaching it.ref- twitter.com

You many have to do a lot of things.. Fight with your family? FIGHT. Leave your friends behind? DO IT. Break up with the love of your life? BREAK UP. Life is all about taking chances! But do whatever it takes to accomplish your dream. Trust me, in the end, whats meant to be will always find its way!

2) Jab We Met

This movie shouts out loud, YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE.

Who doesn’t love our jovial and ever-so-happy Geet? For some, Geet is also an inspiration. Be that Geet and just love yourself! Follow your heart, and be crazy! Life is all about living. In this beautiful journey of life, you might be betrayed by many.. but well, life goes on! But in the end everything’s gonna be fine.. if it isn’t..Picture abhi baki hai mere dost! 

3) Ram-Leela

This iconic love story of modern day Romeo-Juliet played by the most happening real life couple tells us how love knows n0 bounds! You fall in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time. You know it is love when you blindly trust that person in a very little time and yes, they don’t break it. Irony of life is, we are often taught to be loving and caring by our elders, but when we learn to love someone, they are often discriminated based on their caste, race, gender or religion! Now how is that called being loving and lovable? Love knows no bounds after all..

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4) Dil Chahta Hai

College friends last for a lifetime!

No matter how many childhood friends you make, but the friends you make during this phase are the best! May because college life is the best phase of your life or may be because if the same professional interests that you share..be it anything your college friends are always going to be there for you.

5) 3 Idiots 

Do what you love doing..

Just like Farhan, there is no age bar to rectify your career choices.. Better late than never!

Most of us have faced this problem of being forced into career choices that our parents make for us.. Pretty sure that 50% of the engineers and doctors in India were forced into this by their parents! The bad news is, we Indians consider science students as smart-asses.. but weren’t we taught that everyone is born with a special ability? Then why force your kid into something like science when what he is good at is something like arts? This amazing movie  based on Chetan Bhagat’s best seller brings the most important lesson to us and our parents!

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6) 2 States

Love will find a way..

Another blockbuster hit based on Chetan Bhagat’s best seller, also his real love story.

It is very inspiring how Krish and Ananya go out-of-the-way to be with the one they love! We often say that you should choose your parents over your spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend.. but it is not necessary if your parents are being unreasonable. We all grow looking at our parents love.. but sometimes our parents need to learn what love is. When you really love someone, fight for them and do what it takes to be with them. May what come, true love finds its way. Just have patience and keep making a way!

ref- moviequotesandmore.com
ref- moviequotesandmore.com


Last one, but personally one of the best..

7) Dil Dhadakne Do

Family always sticks to you in the end.

.Dil Dhadakne Do

This heart warming, latest blockbuster is personally my favorite. It is a perfect family drama. A movie which depicts how no family is perfect. Family is a set of individuals who know all your imperfections but still standby you till the end. It is only natural to have a clash of interest as everyone in a family is different. This movie is for all youngsters out there who have issues with their parents and for parents who expect their children to do what they like. Darling, you cannot expect your children/parents/siblings to do what you expect out of them. For once, let them live a life of their own choices and give them the space they need.. In the end everything will fall into place and no matter what they’ll be there for you!

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Well.. every movie..series.. and person has something to learn from..Its up to you how you see it..