7 Body Parts that get affected from sitting job


Do not just sit, stand up and move away from your desk jobs. I am a writer by profession and I know the pain of sitting in front of the computer for long hours and juggling with words. I hope you are sitting on a chair or lying on a bed and reading this article. Today’s lifestyle is more of a gadget related than physical work. We hardly move our body because our gadget friend is doing all things on behalf of us. It’s time to think of your health and stop damaging your body parts. Check out in the below-mentioned points and stay alert for your health:


  1. HEART: When you are sitting, blood flows in a slower rate and less time takes in fat burning process. It helps the fatty acids to clog the heart, which is not all good for your heart. Get up from the seat and take a break from your work to keep your heart fit.
  2. DIGESTION: After lunch, if you are still sitting in your chair, then you are doing it all wrong. It slows down the digestion process and the abdominal contents will compress. This lead to serious indigestion problem and you may feel heartburn, bloating, constipation and cramping.
  3. PANCREAS: If you are sitting on a chair for long hours, then pancreas will produce more insulin and we all know that excess insulin is bad for our health. It can cause diabetes and this gives you a bad impact on your whole body.
  4. Expenditure of Low energy: If you sit for too long in a chair and doing your work, it reduces the activity of non exercise thermogenesis.
  5. Eyes: Continuous looking at your computer or laptop also affects your eyes. Eyes-itching, increase of power and many other eyes related problems will increase in the near future. Take a break and wash your eyes with cold water to protect it from harmful rays from the computer screen.
  6. Spinal Cord: Sitting posture will cause harm to our spinal cord and later in our life we face acute pain in our spinal cord. It will reduce our flexibility to move and the strength of the bones reduces slowly. It is very bad for our health.
  7. Toxin Level in the body: Sitting jobs also increase the toxins level in our body. We have a habit to have junk food as our evening snacks and this increases the level of toxins in the body. Too much work pressure reduces the time of the people to move away from the computer screen and have some refreshment.
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If you really love your health, then you must think before the action. Do not harm your life and health in the name of work pressure. After all, we get only one life to enjoy. You must love your health so that you can get good return in the old age. Yoga, regular exercise, healthy diet, and disciplined life will add more years to your life and you can enjoy every moment of your life.