Who does not wants to be as intelligent as Newton, Umm everyone right?
Now take this topic of everybody being Newton, Actually this topic is related to the question What if everyone sees each other as equal?
We would see an undiscriminatory world, no discrimination whatsoever related to caste, gender, race, color, money, etc…
The idea is most to be used in the Indian Sub-Continent, Just because of Culture? No, not much but it’s all because of the mentality of the people residing here. Discrimination on mentality is not based on assumption, it’s all about the experiences like having viewed people staring girls with skirts for a minute, not allowing backward caste people, comparing people on the basis of marks or a degree rather than talent, using public expenses as personal expense, and many more such experiences.
We have talked about the assumption of “Being the people of the Indian subcontinent meant as equal” gone totally wrong, But what about the other countries, Does this assumption holds correct to be on those countries other than based in the Indian sub-continent? The answer is certain no, because corruption exists in all the countries, discrimination also do, some issues different from those of subcontinent exists and also many of the subcontinent issues doesn’t exist.
Now that we all know there is a difference in the assumption and the perception and the behavior between an Indian subcontinent and one person from the western or the other parts of the globe. The difference exist because of the education they have been provided with or the system of their very own company.
Now after assuming the causes why people take each other as equal, we make more assumptions on what would have happened if they meant everybody as equal, five of them are given below-
1) Politicians would consider spending public money for the public beneficiaries rather than using them for the personal expenses, in almost all the countries around the globe. In short corruption wouldn’t happen
2) Beggars would not beg, rather they would work hard and get basic amenities of life as well as get accepted to the society.
3) Foremost everybody would have taken the opportunity to keep their respected area clean, thus keeping the city/villages/towns clean and hence the whole country would be clean and gorgeous.
4) If everybody becomes equal by both status and monetary terms with no discrimination, Crime rates will decrease and humanity will increase all around the globe.
5)Umm there would be no fights between people, no wars, no one will feel less talented, no one will feel either exceptionally talented because they meant to be equal.
All the assumption of the perks of being equal should be assumed, but one thing is sure when anyone is born he/she has the same rights, same knowledge capacity, and same talent. In short everyone is equal when born, the differences between individual arise when he/she doesn’t get enough exposure or does’ t like to expose much; this is where hard work wins and people who work hard gets the status he/she deserves ,Or actually hard work pays off?
Need to be answered in the upcoming article.



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