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7 Best Funny Memories of School Life Ever


School, we all have some good and some bad memories of it. It is funny how memories are all that is left of somethings. School is an integral part of our lives. Whatever we have achieved, it is because we had good schooling. We should always be grateful for that. School also gives us memories that we can reminisce about for the rest of our lives. Some of them are funny, some motivational, some filled with pride, some bad but, all of them do teach us something or the other.

Best 7 funny memories of school days

The thrill of praise from the teacher.

Most of the older students are totally not into it but for the younger ones, it is like a dream come true. Even when we were young we loved it when our teacher praised us for any accomplishment.

Fear when we did not do our homework.

This is again for the younger ones. When we were in primary school we would go straight into ultra panic mode on not doing our homework. As time went on, nobody paid much attention to it though.

Any day out.

For the students a day out was a complete delight. We all have certainly looked forward the entire year for a day out. Everything else paled in comparison to it at that time.

Celebration of children’s day

This one is everybody’s favorite. Only fun and frolic on this day. Most schools scratch out the uniform for this day and this alone is a reason for enjoyment. We don’t have to wear that ‘uniform’ for one day and it is blissful.


For all of us, this was the only reason (after mandatory attendance) of going to school. They were/are our life. We synchronized everything, from studying to taking leaves. At that time, they were everything. We were all caught together, the entire school knew about it!


There is a common notion that the back-benchers are notorious. Well, this is not entirely true. Not all are notorious, some just want to stay away from the blabber of teachers. Sitting at the back-benches with friends was perhaps the best. We could do anything without the teacher even noticing!

Celebration of events

We all rejoiced at this because this meant more practice for the event and fewer classes. Of course, the time for practice was spent on gossiping or just roaming around. Nothing was completely okay till the last minute!

The school will always remain the best time of our lives because we all learned something and we were care-free. School memories are perhaps the best memories.



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