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7 Best & Healthiest Types Of Rice Known Till Date


Rice is an ancient staple diet to billions of modern denizens of the planet. Various modifications have taken place in these recent years. For many cultures, this humble grain has been recognized to symbolize nourishment, beauty, prosperity, and fertility. In some places, the custom of tossing rice at newly wedded couples is prevalent. Rice can provide a winning mix of nutrients for people who are involved in hard training as an activity requires performing its best. Rice still remains a nutritious choice in case the essentials to consider are well known. It is easy to cook and eat.

Types of Rice from all around Globe

There are some other gluten-free grains like quinoa and amaranth that are rage nowadays. Health-food stores, larger supermarkets, and ethnic markets are now stocking the most highly recognized types of rice from all around the globe. They can be easily fetched at reasonable rates.

7 Best and Healthiest Types of Rice

Some of the 7 best and healthiest types of rice known till date include:

  • Brown RiceBrowne rice is known widely for providing some important nutrients which include B vitamins, bone-building phosphorus along with magnesium.

Some of the widest varieties include Jasmine and Basmati. They contribute to the proper functioning of muscle and prevention from heart ailments.


  • Wild Rice – As the name suggests, it is not that wild about which you are presuming. It is a seed of an aquatic grass which is traditionally harvested via canoe.

It delivers an impressive range of nutrients which include phosphorus, zinc, B vitamins, magnesium along with cancer protective folate. It holds a chewy texture along with nutty and smoky flavor which contributes to a good taste.

  • Sprouted Rice – In case you desire for the most nutritional bang for your buck, then it is good to pick up a bag of sprouted rice. The manufacturing company kick starts the germinating process of grain, the nutritional value also highly increases.

It is known to be the best substitute for the brain as well as the heart. They are easy to cook and digest.

  • Wehani Rice – Wehani is considered to be russet-colored, slightly chewy and long-grain heirloom rice which is successful in filling the house with the appetite. It also induces the aroma of buttery popcorn after getting cooked.

It comprises of a flavor which is reminiscent of brown basmati rice. It is rich in complex and slow digesting carbohydrates required to fuel hard charging muscles.

  • Black Rice – Black rice is known to possess a praise-worthy sweet, chewy texture and nutty taste. It is a rich source of iron, vitamin E. This type of rice is claimed to be good for kidney, liver and stomach.

A suitable substitute for preparing porridge, dessert, and many other cooking items! When cooked, it turns deep purple when cooked.

  • Brown Kalijira Rice – The Brown Kilijira rice is known to be a tiny type of rice which is full of nutty flavor. It is also rich in nutrients and is a great pick. It is known to produce a smaller spike in blood sugar levels.

A great choice for making rice pilafs! In case you desire to lose your weight, then including this item in your diet will be an intelligent idea as it is free from cholesterol.

  • Bhutanese Red Rice – The Bhutanese Red Rice has been known to comprise of a nutty and slightly sweet flavor. Its red color comes from the minerals in the soil present in the eastern Himalayas.

Those minerals not only feed the plant but also add to the nutritional content as well. This rice gets easily cooked up within a time period of 20 minutes, hence making it a good variety of recipes to preserve in casseroles.

It is high time to realize that in order to stay and think better, one must eat good and selective things. The investment being done for flooding must be utilized at the best. One must select those food items which comprise of high nutritional values and a good quantity of vitamins.

Until and unless you body gets the required diet, you will not be able to work properly.  Obesity and good health are the topics of high discussion today. As ordinary rice contributes a lot to gaining fats in the body, stress is being provided to opt for consuming good qualities which are free from fat and cholesterol.



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